Monday, 30 January 2012

Bloomin' Bubbles!

Hello beauties!

Hope you had a fantastic weekend. It was my dad's birthday on Friday, and we had a lovely family gathering and pizza celebration! I always love hanging out with my cousins, and had the opportunity to do that. Also, I love my daddy to bits!!

Anyway, I've been working on something for a while now, and I want to share with you! When I did my nail course, my instructor told us to always have something to sell in the shop. Because when your client is having their nails done, you've got to be able to talk about something, and making money out of that topic is always good!! And, since I've been on my animal cruelty free campaign, I found something that is an awesome fit!

I've been making soap, bath salts and lipgloss! All from natural products and essential oils, that HAVE NOT been tested on animals. :) Since I'll be selling this in the Bloomin' Couch, I figured I'll call these products "Bloomin' Bubbles". Soon, I'll be expanding the range to include bubble bath and liquid soap too.

Here are some pics!

 This is Vanilla Honey flavour.
 I also have rose flavour, and the big soap has real dried rose petals in, to gently exfoliate your skin. (Look at me throwing in big sale-sy words!!)
 This one I'm calling sweet sunshine, since it smells like candy drops and looks like sunshine!
 This one is plain ol' lavender!
 This is magnolia scented, and has pink swirlies suspended inside. Because all good soap needs swirlies!! =]

 I also have rose and vanilla bath salts. I'll get more to choose from as I go on!

I'm sorry I don't have pictures of the lipgloss, since I've been handing it out to be tested by my trusty... testers! But I'll make some more pronto!

Now, as far as prices go, I'll be selling the big soap bars (150 g) for R20.00 each.
The small soap (70 g) for R15.00 each.
The bath salts (150 g) for R15.00 each.
The lipgloss (10 ml) for R10.00 each.

I'll also make products with no added colourants and flavouring if you guys want those kinds of products. All my soap has essential oils, coconut and almond oils, and colourants in them. The added oils make the skin feel really soft and smooth, and the essential oils help with a really soft and wonderful smell. I've personally tried out all the products, and I've had family and friends test it out too, and overall it has only had positive feedback, so please try it out!

Please vote in the poll on the next scent you think I should get!

Stay beautiful (and bubbly) folks!

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