Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Hair trends 2012!

Hello beauties!

Are you planning on changing your hairstyle this year? Here are some trends you can expect!

First up, you can expect to see a lot of center part hairstyles this year, as well as deep side partings. The deeper the side part, the better, and if some of the hair covers your eye, great! :)

This style is wearable for all lengths of hair, and it can be straight, wavy or curly, and retro styled hair is also making a comeback!

Wet look hair. I'm personally not mad about this style, since I think it makes the hair look dirty. Basically, the roots are wet, and the hair is slicked back, while the tips of the hair can either be damp or dry. You can also wet the roots and tie the rest of the hair back into a funky ponytail. Very textured roots are also in.

For those who want to go short, pixie cuts are huge right now. But please check out my post on face shapes and hairstyles before you just chop off your hair!! :)

Wavy, beach style hair is in too. The great thing about this look is that the waves really don't need to be perfect. It's cool if your hair is a bit messy in this style. And again, this style works for ling, medium and bob length hair!

Top knots go well with the messy, wavy hair too. It is simple really, all you do is tie your hair into a very high ponytail (as in, on top of your head), and make a messy bun. There are a lot of videos on YouTube that you can watch if you want to learn how to do this!

Bright hair colours are in! I'm always happy when I can get creative with my hair! :) This isn't for everyone though, please let me know what you think!

 Last, but not least, bangs (or fringes) are big. Again, any length hair can have some bangs, and you can wear them with curly, wavy or straight hair, and tied back into funky ponytails!

Stay beautiful!

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