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Kangmei Slimming Capsules for a good cause!

Hello beauties!

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Anyway, today I'm writing for a friend of mine, Alicia, who has started selling Kangmei slimming capsules to help cover medical costs that have been building up for a while now. I'm only going to tell a short version of her story, but if you are interested in knowing more, please contact her. I'll put her details at the end of this post.

First of all, Alicia always wanted to be a mommy, and when her doctor told her in 2007 that she couldn't have babies, her world fell apart. A lot of people started praying for them, and one of those people told her that 2008 would be the year of new life for her. Alicia went for a bunch of tests at the Vitalab in Sandton, and was diagnosed with Polysistic Ovarian Syndrome, and had only about 20% chance of falling pregnant, where normal women have about 50% chance. She was put on a special diet to lose some weight and get her insulin under control.

Early in January 2008, she got a really bad case of the stomach flu, and went to see the doctor, only to find out her stomach flu was really a little baby! Their prayers had been answered!

Chandre means womanly grace
During the pregnancy there were many problems, Alicia almost had a miscarriage on 8 weeks, and got bronchitis a few times. Her hubby, Jaco, also had a knee operation and they moved homes in between! On 19 July at almost 29 weeks, Alicia's water broke, and little girl Chandre was born, weighing only 1,49 kg. She was really tiny! She was on a bunch of machines, including oxygen for 10 days and was discharged from the hospital a month later on 20 August. Chandre stopped breathing at home a few times, and had to get CPR once. After 11 days at home, she was back in hospital for a blood transfusion. She was operated on again at 3 and a half years to repair a anal fissure.

In 2010, Alicia went to see her doctor to go back onto contraceptives, and he required her to go for, among other things, a pregnancy test. She was angry about this, since she didn't believe she could fall pregnant again. But wonder above wonders, she was expecting her second child! At 17 weeks, she went into labour, but the medical personnel could stop the contractions. They were expecting another girl! At this point they found out that Alicia's body was rejecting the baby, and it was producing anti bodies as if to fight an infection. Alicia had to go for weekly blood tests and sonars, to see if the baby was doing OK. She was also ordered to stay in bed and keep it calm!
Jaandri means gift from God

Little Jaandri was born on the 8 March 2011, weighing 1,64 kg's, and seemed to be a much stronger baby than her sister. She was kept in the hospital for 4 weeks, during which time she had 5 blood transfusions. She was discharged on the 6 April.

Five days later, Jaandri stopped breathing, and foamed at the mouth. Jaco and Alicia sped to hospital with her again, where she was kept for a week. After 2 weeks, she was sick again, this time vomiting after every meal. At first they thought it was reflux, which Chandre had as well, but after some tests it turned out to be Poloric Stinosis (a blockage in the intestines leading to the stomach), and Jaandri had to be operated on to save her life. She was operated and could go home after 4 days, but was back in the hospital after 4 weeks with pneumonia.

Beautiful little girls!
Jaandri is now 10 months old, and has had bronchitis a few times after the pneumonia. They also suspected cerebral palsy, because she struggled with balance and sitting up, and had to do exercise every day. Jaandri can now crawl and has two teeth! Both girls are doing well, but the medical expenditures remain high.

Which brings me to this product. If your resolution to lose weight isn't going that well, this may be the answer! Kangmei slimming capsules suppresses your appetite and makes you thirsty. They also promise no cravings! You take one capsule in the mornings, and it retails for R60.00 for 24. Please help Alicia out by trying out this product, or telling your friends about it!

Alicia : 082 443 9884

Stay beautiful!


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