Friday, 6 January 2012

The last of the trends :)

Hello beautiful people!!

I just have to say this, I suddenly have all the more respect to those guru's like Kandee and the Pixiwoo sisters, who get up and do video tutorials. I have filmed a really simple makeup video for new moms, as was requested by my faithful readers a total of 3 times now, and I still don't like it! I feel like a complete idiot!! :) But I'll persist until I have something worth showing you. It's crazy how something as stupid as a video camera can make someone who loves to talk as much like me at a loss for words...

Anyway, on to the trends. Now if you have been following my blog for a while, you'll remember I did the Spring / Summer 2011 trends post last year. A lot of these 2012 trends are extensions of the old ones, and are very similar.

 Remember the Dior pinup girl look with bright eyeshadow? That's still in, but for 2012 you can go even bolder with your eye makeup. Electric colours are in, and you can pair as many bright colours on your eyes as you want. And the rule of bright blue eyeshadow to your eyebrows is out, is now redundant.

Now, I like my bright eye makeup as much as the next person, but would I walk around looking like Cleopatra? No. Unless I am at a theme party. Would you? :)

Next up is red eyeshadow. Yup, going hand in hand with the above trend, is to go geisha and paint your eyes red. This is another one I don't like, even though the red shadow should set off my green eyes perfectly. Red eyeshadow reminds me of the evil Asian emperor's head assassin in all the movies (you know what I'm talking about!!), and that's honestly not a look I'm going to strive for...

Also, if you do this wrong, you'll walk around looking like you've been punched in the face, which isn't a good look either. Looking on the bright side, if you really don;t have time to do your makeup, slap on some red shadow and mascara, and you're good to go! :)

This is also a recurring trend, the bare faced look. Only now it has gone to extremes, where you can even leave out your mascara. Do your foundation routine, and make sure your skin looks flawless, add a little Vaseline on the lips, and you're done. Simple as falling out of a tree.

And then, my friends, the piece d'resistance of this post, electric lips. Again, I posted about the trend to wear neon pink, orange and bright red lips before, but this is just weird. Blue? Green? Why not in the name of fashion, they say. It brings a whole new spin on the old phrase 'it's painful to be beautiful', coz' it's going to be painful to those who behold you in this state. Man, I've never been so cynical in a single post... Sorry, but I DO NOT like these trends. At all.

Why would you take a perfectly good looking woman, and turn her into alien spawn? Beats me!

What are your views on these looks? Would you rock some of these, or are you stuck under the rock of reason, like me? I can do bright eyeshadows. Dress me up as a geisha, and I'll make red eyes look awesome. Take off all my makeup but my foundation, and I'll go with it (though difficulty. Mascara is my best friend). But put blue lipstick on me, and I'll go (in the words of Santana from Glee) all Lima Heights on you! :)

Next week, we're doing body shapes, and hopefully, my first video tutorial!!

Stay beautiful!

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