Thursday, 5 January 2012

Metallic Flecked Eyeshadow

Hello beauties!

Another huge trend this year is a shiny one! Remember I told you before that smokey metallic eye makeup would be in? This is just an extension of that, and you can still get away with just wearing smokey metallics and not going for the flecked thing. Emma Watson wore this flecked makeup out to some red carpet event (I can't remember which one) and made a big trend even bigger.

Basically, you can use metallic craft flecks, the ones you would use in your scrapbooking (though you should keep them out of your eyes!!) or you can get cosmetic grade flecks (which I have never seen in any South African makeup store!) and glue them to your lids with lash glue.

I have no idea how I feel about this look! On the one hand, it's really funky, but on the other, totally overdone! I think you can make it wearable for a night out, if it is less in your face, but I'd have to try it, and I'm not planning to! :) What do you think? Tomorrow's post will handle the rest of the wacky trends that are going to be big this year. Some are do-able, some are not. But you have to check the page tomorrow to get the details!! :)

Just so you know, the overwhelming response on yesterday's post about the spider lashes, was that it's ugly and unpractical. I had a few responses on Facebook, and a few emails as well, and it seems you wouldn't wear them! I love hearing back from you guys, so please, keep the comments coming!

Stay beautiful!

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