Monday, 16 January 2012

My weekend and my moral dilemma

Hello beauties!

Thank you all for checking out my video! I really appreciate your support. But please, send me some suggestions, criticism and tips. I really want to know what you thought, and how you think I can improve. It's the only way I'll learn!

This weekend my hubby's cousin got hitched. It was a lovely function and everything was beautiful! I was hired by the groom's sister to do her makeup and nails for the event. She wanted a very natural look, so I used only soft golds and browns, and a simple black eyeliner. Her lips were a plum-ish colour, and she looked beautiful. Here are some pics.

Purdy huh?

Anyway, on to the moral dilemma. L'Oreal is hosting a huge competition, for people who are just starting out on YouTube as beauty gurus. Kandee explains it best.

Now, my problem is this : L'Oreal is the biggest culprit in animal testing. I've been steering clear of any companies that test on animals since I wrote the post about the testing, no matter how much I loved their products. It has been a struggle finding companies that don't test on furry creatures, since almost all cosmetic companies belong either to L'Oreal or the Johnson Group, and therefore test. I don't just buy cosmetics anymore either, unless if it is from a brand I trust. Now, when I see a product I'm interested in, I go home first and do some research about the company, and if they are actually safe, I'll buy it.

Do I try my luck and enter the competition (which could open doors for me), or do I stay away from it because of the animal cruelty? Jan feels that it is a huge opportunity, and in entering, I'm not funding the testing, because none of my finances are going into the company. I'm unsure. Please help me out by voting in the poll!

Stay beautiful!

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