Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Nail trends 2012

Hello beauties!

I don't think I'll be able to upload my video this week. :( Sorry about that, but my little PC is struggling, and I may not get the parts I need before the end of the week, due to unavailable stock. Sorry guys! Look out for it next week. In the mean time, I'll probably re-record it just to keep busy!! :D

I've covered hair and makeup trends, so I'll move on to nails!

Last year the huge new thing was stiletto nails, made popular by the queen of weird, Lady Gaga. I'm happy to report that these are out this year! Short, nude nails are the new big thing. Adele wore this a few times while performing.

Basically, any natural shade polish is in, it can be matte or glossy, and the nails should be worn short and slightly rounded.

It was seen as really tacky if your lipstick and nail polish matched for a few years now, and this rule has been abolished! Going hand in hand with the matchy makeup trend, your nails and lips are partners again, and you can wear the same shade on both with confidence!

Do you wear false nails all the time? Good news is, they're in. Only, you have to wear the clear falsies with this trend. The nail technicians of the world have always gone for the most natural looking nails they could, but now, the beauty of the false nail is being celebrated. So this season, put on your clear false nails, and maybe a little nail art, but nothing more!

Right, the last two go hand in hand. One is wearing rainbow nails (as in each nail is painted a different bright colour), and the other is wearing every nail differently (as in each nail has a different pattern and / colour). It has been seen in Tinseltown the last while that celebs walk around with one nail different than the rest. This is still in, but going to extremes and having 10 totally different nails is the hype now! Would you do this?

What do you think about all these trends? I would wear most of them, I'm just not big on matching lips and nails. Please let me know what you think, its always great to hear from you guys! Have an awesome day!

Stay beautiful!


  1. Sorry to hear about your pc, really hope you can fix it a.s.a.p. I want to see that Video!!!

  2. I'm also not very keen on the whole matching thing, but I love the colourfull nails with the dots on them. They can with everything :-)