Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Paper Lashes

Hello beauties!

Keeping with the trends for the year (I'll probably keep on posting about the huge trends of 2012 for the next few days), this is a big one : paper false lashes. Paper?! Yes, paper. Thin pieces of paper get laser cut into lashes with patterns on them. Some have wild horses running over your eyes, some have itty bitty little fishies (hehe) and bubbles. You can get these in any pattern you can imagine, though I'm not too sure if you can get them in South Africa (but I have to say at this point you will probably find them at China Mall if you ask around).

 Its pretty funky, don't you think? But it has to feel pretty weird on your eyes. I would probably go for the small butterflies, or any other half lash, personally, because I cans see myself running around with zebras on my eyes... :)

Also, I'd be afraid of paper cuts on my eyelids!! Haha!

The detail in these lashes is astounding, it is really delicate work. And I can promise you'll make a statement when you walk in a room wearing a pair!

The good news is that any outrageous lashes are going to be big this season, that is, if you take the Maybelline annual calendar seriously. Browse for it on the internet, and you'll see what I mean. :P

What do you think of these babies? And would you wear them? There are a lot of designs you can check out here.

This is the agenda for the rest of the week : metallic flecked eyeshadow tomorrow, and the rest of the makeup fashions on Friday.

Stay beautiful folks!

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