Thursday, 19 January 2012

Wacky beauty tips!

Hello beauties!

Have you ever heard the "Put toothpaste on your zits" trick? Haven't we all done it? Here are some more tips that (apparently, I can't say since I haven't tried them all!!) work!

For the face :

1) Do you have a breakout? Irritated skin? You can do one of two things here, either press a cool, wet teabag on the irritated places, or wash your face with cool tea. Rooibos and green tea work best. This really does work, I used Rooibos tea as a toner for a very long time!

2) Make a avo or egg white mask for your face. Split the avocado, and remove the pit. Remove the skin, and make a pulp. Apply this to your face (or body) and let it sit for 20 minutes. This will moisturise your skin! You can also break an egg and separate the white, lightly whisk it with a fork, and apply to your face. Let it dry, your face will feel really tight, and your pores will be minuscule afterwards.

3) Don't have an eyelash curler? Don't stress it! Use a spoon to curl your lashes!

4) You can also heat up your eyelash curler (or spoon) by blasting it with your hair dryer before you use it. The heat will make even the most stubborn lashes curl. Just don't overdo it here. I can't imagine burned eyelids feeling good...

5) Have wacky and wild eyebrows? You have some options here! Tame your brows by using the following : old, dried up mascara wands, disposable mascara wands or a clean (preferably NEW) toothbrush sprayed with a little hairspray, or just apply some eye cream on your browns just before doing your makeup.

6) Moisturise your eyelids and lashes with petroleum jelly (Vaseline).

7) Rub an ice cube over your skin after washing,to close up the pores and prevent blemishes.

8) Afraid of the pain when plucking your brows? Put some ice into a plastic bag, and hold it to your eyebrows for a while. The cold will numb your skin, and you can pluck away without feeling anything!

For your hair :

1) Dandruff? Take some good old table salt, and rub it onto your scalp for a few minutes before washing your hair. This will lift the dandruff and you'll be able to wash it out.

2) Soak your hair in beer or vinegar and water for added body and shine. Do this just before washing with shampoo. You can also use the avocado mask on your hair!

3) Take a big fluffy brush and some baby powder, and powder your roots if your hair looks oily! The powder will absorb the oil, and make your hair look cleaner, and also smell nicer!

4) Spray your hairspray onto your brush instead of your hair and brush your hair like normal. This will give your hair hold and shine, without looking like it has been moulded into place. You can also spray some perfume onto your brush if you want some extra scent in your hair.

5) Wash your coloured hair with cold water. This will help the colour keep better for longer.

For the rest of you :

1) Want super shiny legs minus the greasiness? Mix some baby oil into your body lotion.

2) Shave your legs with conditioner. It will soften the hairs, making them easier to shave off, and will leave your legs silky smooth.

3) Exfoliate your armpits with face scrub to make them softer and itch free.

4) Brush your tongue when you brush your teeth and prevent bad breath.

5) Smear your elbows, knees and cracked heels (or anywhere else your skin gets really dry) with petroleum jelly before you go to sleep. Marilyn Monroe used to smear her face with petroleum jelly before applying foundation, to protect her skin.

6) You know those bars of soap that are too pretty to use? Drop the bar into your clothes drawers to make your clothes smell awesome.

7) Do you have sensitive skin? Instead of drying your face with a towel, use tissue paper, and gently press the skin dry. It won't cause as much irritation as the towel would have.

Hope this helped! If you know some other wacky tips, please let me know, and we'll share it with everyone! I'm uploading the video on makeup for school tomorrow.

Stay beautiful!

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