Friday, 27 January 2012

What's the deal on brushes!

Hello beauties!

So, today's video is all about makeup brushes. How to use them, how to clean them and why I like to use them. A few of you guys wanted to know more about the brushes, and I figured, since I've been doing videos, it would be a great opportunity to do a video!

I try to clean my brushes (and the brush roll) at least once a week, or with every new colour I use. I use the Inglot brush cleaner (it retails for around R100 per bottle), and shampoo on my big brushes. You can also use olive oil and dish washing liquid

I really hope you like this video!

Please don't forget to vote in the poll, which closes on Monday, so your look will be the next one I film.

Stay beautiful, and have an awesome weekend!!

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