Monday, 27 February 2012

Beauty Myths : True or False?

Hello beauties!

Hope you had an awesome weekend! I did everything from makeup to a pamper party, and I'll put up some pics as soon as I have them.

One of my friends and readers, Odette, suggested that I do a post about beauty myths last week when I asked what you want to see on the blog. I thought it was a good idea, so I got together some of the myths and old wives tales we all believe in, or have tried at some point, and found out if the're true or not. Does toothpaste clear spots? Can you get varicose veins from crossing your legs? Lets find out!

1) If you want strong, shiny hair, brush it out 100 times before you go to bed. FALSE.
Brushing your hair excessively can cause fallout and breakage, because you are pulling on hair that wasn't ready to fall out. Instead of using a comb all the time, finger comb your hair! Also, don't brush your hair when it's wet, because it's at its weakest when it is wet. Use a wide tooth comb or wait until its semi dry before combing it out.

2) Chocolate and other greasy foods cause acne. FALSE.
Greasy food can't be blamed for something hormones and genes cause!

3) Crossing your legs cause varicose veins. FALSE.
This again, is due to genes. It has been proven however, that standing a lot can cause this problem, because your veins have to pump harder to get blood to the legs.

4) Green tea boosts your metabolism. FALSE.
While green tea is good for your health, it does nothing for your metabolism. There is no proof of this! The best way to promote a faster metabolism is exercise.

5) Drinking 2 litres of water a day will erase wrinkles / keep your skin moisturised. FALSE.
While drinking a lot of water IS good for you, your skin is the last organ to get some of that water! Your other organs need it to function properly, and so your skin is left out of this. You need a good moisturiser in the morning and evening to keep your skin in good health.

6) Shaving your leg hair makes them grow out thicker. FALSE.
The truth is, you just cut off the ends of the hairs, removing the fine point. The hair grows out with a blunt point now, that appears thicker, but is the very same hair you shaved off before. It doesn't grow out thicker, the fine tip of the hair just isn't repaired, so it seems that way!

7) Plucking your eyebrows will prevent them from growing back. TRUE.
But only after a few years of regular plucking. This won't happen over night, so if you are starting to pluck for the first time, you can experiment and find an eyebrow shape you like. I've been plucking for more that 10 years now, and I still have hair growing back!

8) Use toothpaste on a zit to get rid of it. FALSE.
While there is a tiny amount of the stuff they use to remove blemishes in toothpaste, there's a lot of other stuff in it too. And the other stuff can actually CAUSE breakouts, by blocking the pores.

9) It's safe to share makeup with my friends / sister. FALSE.
You can pass around all kinds of bacteria doing this, and cause breakouts and infections.

10) If your skin is oily, you don't need to moisturise. FALSE.
Moisturising can actually help your problem! Oily skin obviously produces more oil than normal skin. But by applying something that contains oil on your skin, like moisturiser or vitamin E oil, you're 'fooling' your skin into thinking it's produced enough oil, so it stops for a while! All skin types need moisturising!

11) Darker skins don't need protection from the sun. FALSE.
While darker skins don't get sunburnt as easily, they need protection from UV rays, which cause cancer.

12) Leaving on makeup overnight is bad for your skin. TRUE.
If you do this occasionally, it won't do too much damage, but leaving on your makeup overnight regularly can cause blocked pores, breakouts and infections. The same goes for mascara here, it can block the oil glands on your eyelids and cause infections.

13) Rubbing Vaseline on your lashes will make them grow quicker and longer. FALSE.
The fact is, the Vaseline keeps the hair moisturised, so it doesn't fall out as quickly, seeming to grow longer. But is doesn't stimulate hair growth in any way.

14) Putting cucumber or damp teabags on your eyes will remove puffiness. FALSE.
It does nothing. Seriously. It may feel good, but it doesn't pull out the water that makes the eyes look puffy. There are some creams and serums on the market that can help with puffiness, but cucumber and teabags don't.

15) Your body repairs and rejuvenates itself while you sleep / you can never catch up on lost sleep. TRUE.
But the 'eight hour sleep' rule may not apply to everyone. I know people who function better with around five to six hours sleep than, for example, I do with eight to ten hours sleep. Your body will let you know how long it needs.

16) Filing your nails in one direction will prevent splitting and other damage. TRUE.
Start from a certain point and move the file in one direction. Don't file back and forth.

17) Storing perfumes in the fridge will make them last longer. FALSE.
In fact, the oils in the perfumes will permeate the fats of the foods in the fridge, actually causing contamination. Store perfumes in a cool, dark place.

18) You're fat if you have cellulite / cellulite can be removed permanently. FALSE.
You can be any shape, size or weight and have cellulite. The truth is, scientists don't know what actually causes cellulite, so it can't be explained. And because they don't know what causes it, they can't really treat it!

19) Your pores can be shrunk. FALSE.
Your pores are a genetic thing. You can apply products that will shrink them for short periods of time (or the product will make them seem smaller), but the size can never be altered permanently.

20) Split ends can be repaired. FALSE.
The only way to get rid of split ends, is to cut them. There are some serums and things on the market that can 'join' the ends, making the hair seem healthier, bit the truth is, it's still split. And don't think split ends are just because of bad hair maintenance, this can be genetic too! But conditioning your hair after each wash helps the hair retain moisture, and prevents it from splitting as soon as unconditioned hair.

21) Your hair grows used to your shampoo, so you need to change it up every once in a while. TRUE.
Though changing your shampoo and conditioner twice a year will be sufficient here. Remember your hair needs more moisture during the Winter months, so getting a deep conditioning treatment then will be great too.

22) Wait two days before washing your hair after colouring, as this will keep the colour longer. FALSE.
Sadly, this isn't true. The staying power of the hair colour depends on the health of your hair, hormones and a bunch of other stuff. If it's washing out, it's washing out, even if it's days or months after your colour.

23) Pinching your cheeks is a great blusher. PARTIALLY TRUE.
As in, if you do it once or twice, it's fine, but prolonged pinching can caused broken capillaries which will lead to uneven colouring.

24) Whitening your teeth is bad for you. WE DON'T KNOW.
There have been records of people having sensitive teeth for short periods of time after whitening.

25) Washing your hair every day will dry it out. FALSE.
Maybe when our mom's were kids, this was true. But because of new technology and formulas, you can safely wash your hair every day.

Hope you found this as interesting as I did! If you have any ideas for me to blog about, please let me know. I'm going to be doing posts on concealing under eye circles, funky and wacky makeup, celebrity makeup looks and girls night ideas. The Oscars were last night in LaLa land, showing tonight on local TV, so I'll post about what the celebs had going for the event tomorrow.

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