Monday, 6 February 2012

Bow hair!

Hello beauties!

First of all, my latest video on smoky eyes DOES NOT want to upload. I've tried a few times now, and each time something goes wrong. I have no idea when I'll upload it now, since I'm done struggling with that one...

Also, I've been having bad luck with a little irritating cough, which has now evolved into a full blown cold. I feel terrible, and that may have something to do with the fact that I lost my patience with the video. I'll keep you updated.

Then I've got to mention, I have 3 new scents for my soap, and sadly, Yasmine isn't one of them. I couldn't find it! But I did get Geranium (which is Malva flower in Afrikaans. Just so you know, since I didn't!), Peppermint (and it's going to work great on smelly feet!! :D) and Lemongrass. You're going to love it! All that went wrong, was that I put the colouring I had in mind for the Lemongrass in the Peppermint soap, but it's only one batch, then it'll go back to normal. :)

So, today I'm writing to you about the bow hairstyle, made famous by Gaga herself, and even favoured by none other than Paris Hilton.

Though I don't like these two (bozo's), I like this cute and quirky style. And it's adorable in any size. Check out this link to see the bow made smaller and daintier, as well as big and bold. (Awesome site by the way! You should subscribe!)

I also think it's cute for Valentines Dances and events. It's spunky and fresh!

Anyway, a video tutorial so you can see step by step how to get this look.

And here's a variation of the same look :

Let me know if you'll try it! Also, please vote in the poll. I've heard back from a few of you who love the new look of the bloomin' blog (haha!), but I still don't know the general feeling.

Stay beautiful everyone!

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