Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Concealing under eye circles like a pro

Hello beauties!

Another request for a blog from my readers was on this topic. It's a problem we all struggle with, specially when we get older, or haven't slept much. So, I found this awesome video by Kandee Johnson, that shows step by step how to conceal under eye circles.

This is an excellent technique, and it works in most cases. We'll talk about deep, sunken under eye circles, en eye bags after the video.

Now if you have sunken under eye circles, of puffy bags, there are a lot of treatments on the market you can try. But nine out of ten times you simply need more sleep and to eat more healthy foods. Vitamin supplements can help this problem too, and this alone seems to solve the problem for many people. I know some folks use haemorrhoid cream (yup, it's the good stuff!) on their under eye bags, and apparently it really works. If you have tried different treatments, and none work for you, surgery might be the only option.

Under eye circles
Under eye bags

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Now, on to a different topic. Some of you know I finally got my drivers licence yesterday! Whoop whoop! Now I've been getting a lot of mails on Facebook and emails asking why I only got it now, since I'm a bit older than the usual drivers licence applicant. Well, in South Africa, it works like this : you struggle your behind off to get the thing. I know very few people who got their licence on the first try, and then it was mostly at one particular testing station. Most of my friends and family had to go over and over again, and I know some folks who had to go test as many as seven or eight times.

I know more people who bribed testing officers than you can imagine, some even with stupid things like a cake! I also know some people who lost hope and illegally got their licences, some of these have been caught too. You can literally sit outside the testing station and watch the learner drivers do their thing, make a failing mistake, hand the officer a package, and happily go on with their tests.

Why? Simply because of heavy corruption in our testing officers. I'm not saying all of them are corrupt, but since I was asked straight out for a bribe at my first licence attempt, I know first hand that there are some of them out there. And sadly, this includes most of them. Some testing stations have been closed down all together due to the incredible corruption that went on there and a lot of testing officers get fired yearly, but this doesn't seem to stop the problem. I'm not willing to bribe anyone for anything, since this goes in against my moral code and plainly, there are a lot of idiots on South African roads with legal licences. If they can get it, so can I!

This is incredibly sad, since it is making honest people do things they don't approve of simply to beat the system.

I tried for my licence 3 times before yesterday, the last attempt being 5 years ago, and each time I had a terrible experience. This made me very negative about trying again, and negativity turned to fear. So I procrastinated heavily and didn't even try to get a test appointment for a very long time (which, in itself, is a hectic process)!

I was very lucky to get an appointment and go test yesterday, since my Learner's licence would have expired in March. And having prayed over this licence thing endlessly, I knew I was being helped from Above when it was my turn to go. In fact, I parked perfectly in the centre of the parking space each time! The Lord's hands were holding the wheel yesterday. I was so nervous I nearly passed out!

My message to you is this : if you have struggled with this particular thing in your life, don't give up. There are still good people out there, like the testing officer I got yesterday. There is always hope. Never give up like I did! If I had faith as small as a mustard seed, I would have believed, and tried again sooner. All things are truly possible! Now to find a new mountain to climb!

Stay beautiful,

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