Monday, 20 February 2012

Exercise at work!!

Hello beauties!

I hope your weekend was awesome! Mine was good, spent some time with my awesome friends and family, and went to Cupcake's first puppy school class. I wouldn't have been able to do this, since I had 4 makeups booked for a Valentines dance, but sadly, all four cancelled on very short notice. This is the reason why I'm going to start to ask a booking fee for high school students. It's not to be nasty, but I've been left 'hanging' by so many high schoolers now, that I feel it's becoming a huge problem, and it's wasting my time! So, if you are still in high school, and you want to use me to makeup you, I'll require half of the makeup fee beforehand, and this will be non-refundable if you don't show up. The same will apply to nails.

OK, on to today's topic. One of my readers recently started working, and found that since this happened, she no longer has the time, or the energy, to work out. So I went ahead and found some exercises you can do in the workplace!

1) The most obvious one... If you work in a building with stairs, use them. Don't take the elevator!

2) This one goes hand in hand with the first point, walk really fast up and down the hallway, without actually running. People may look at you weirdly, but just think of your super slim body!

3) Sit at your chair, place your heels on the ground, and lift your toes.

4) While sitting at your desk, lift one leg up, straightened, and move it in circles. Swap legs and repeat this a few times.

5) Ever seen sports players tap their feet really fast? You can do this while seated at your desk! Just tap your feet quickly for 30 seconds at a time.

6) Stand in front of your desk, holding on to it for support. Stand up on your toes, and slowly lower your heels to the ground.

7) Raise your shoulders up to your ears... :) Keep them raised for as long as you can, before you relax them again.

8) Put your arms behind your back on your chair and put your weight on them, now lift and lower yourself carefully, using the strength in your arms.

9) While sitting in your chair, squeeze your butt! Try doing this and holding the squeeze for a while before relaxing.

10) Stand against a wall, facing it, and place your hands as you would when doing a push up. Gently push yourself away from the wall and relax. This should look like a standing up push up!

11) Take two full water bottles and use them as weights!

12) Stand with your back straight against a wall, bend down into a sitting position, as if you are in an invisible chair. Hold the position as long as you can.

13) Sit up straight in your chair and place your arm behind your hip (same side arm and hip). Twist your torso in the direction of your arm, and hold this position for as long as you can before alternating to the other side.

14) Pretend rope jumping. Stand up and bounce by going up onto your toes and lowering yourself again, but  your heels shouldn't touch the ground at all. Move your arms in small circles for a great full body workout.

15) Sitting in your chair, lift yourself into a semi-sitting position, without your hiney touching the chair. Don't use your arms for this exercise, as it will strengthen your abs.

Some advice here would be to get some of the girls (or guys) in your office to do this too. Support makes any task easier. Also, the more you do standing up, the better. We burn more calories when standing than we do sitting down. So eat your lunch standing up, answer the phone and stand up, or whatever.

All of these exercises can be done alternately, in different sequences and for around 1 minute each when you're starting out. As you progress, you can keep at it for longer periods of time. If you have a gym at work, use it. If there are showers, club together with some of your colleagues and get a workout dvd like Zumba (which I love), Taebo or whatever you fancy.

My aunt joined weigh-less with a bunch of her co-workers. They clubbed together and bought the ingredients needed for the weigh-less meals, and ate breakfast and lunch together every day. My aunt lost around 26kg's in a few months time, because of the support from the group. We are pack animals, us humans. We need others to help us through life, why not apply our companionship need to exercise and weight loss too!

Please vote in the poll and let me know if you like working out.

Stay beautiful!

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