Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentines day!

Hello beauties!

The day has arrived, and even my hubby surprised me with another gift... I'm awestruck. This may very well be the first Valentines gift I've ever gotten from him, and I love it! Even if it's white Lindt chocolate, which is his favourite! Haha!

Some of my all time favourite romantic things :

When it comes to movies, The Notebook is the ultimate love story in my mind. After everything, they still love each other so much, and it still makes me cry uncontrollably.

Ever seen Fireproof? Man, oh man, this is a good one. Their marriage is basically over, and he decides to turn it around. It takes a lot of work, but eventually their love is rekindled, and made stronger. Beautiful!

Then, this scene in Tangled. I cried. It's incredible, and the song they sing here, I see the light, is one of my favourite romantic songs. Go Google the lyrics and see what I mean.

Other romantic songs include Taylor Swift's Love Story, and it has an awesome music vid too!

And Lady Antebellum classifies as my all time favourite romantic music band. All their songs are great for setting the mood for that candle light dinner.

Which is another favourite of mine. Eating by the soft light of candles is both romantic and great for makeup! Haha! Us girls always look great in soft candle light, so that's a bonus!

Who can forget this great scene from Lady and the Tramp? I think that was the ultimate romantic dinner, and a great movie moment too.

I love flowers all year round, but red roses make any date more romantic!

Chocolates, anyone? Wait, who am I kidding, I love chocolates any day of the year... :)

Kissing in the moonlight is one of my favourite things too. Everything seems more magical when the stars are up, don't you think?

Happy romancing and stay beautiful!

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