Wednesday, 15 February 2012

How to apply eyeliner to your eye shape!

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Hope you all had a great V-day, and was spoiled rotten. I know I was! Maybe I should blog about things like this more often! :)

Remember I did the post on eye shapes a while ago? Well, today we're going on with that topic, concerning eyeliner.

I line my eyes everyday, as a lot of you do too, but I know the other half of my readers don't line their eyes everyday, and keep the liner for special occasions. It can be tricky to line your eyes, and there are so many products and lining styles out there, it can get confusing and intimidating! But lining your eyes perfectly takes practice. You really need to try and try again before you find a style that works for you. I suggest learning with black or brown eyeshadow, and then moving on to liner pencils, gel liners or liquid liners.
 For Almond eyes : You can get away with any look. Wear your liner thick and winged, or keep it thin and natural.
If you have round eyes you want to focus on winging the corners of the eyes, to draw them out. You don't have to line the whole eye, you can focus on the outer corners and leave the inner corners bare. Also, tapering your liner so it's thicker in the outer corners will create the illusion of wider, elongated eyes.
 If you have big eyes like me, you can line the whole eye, and the waterline and get away with it! Lining the rims of the eyes will make the eyes seem a little smaller.
 With close set eyes, you want to place the emphasis on the outer corners of the eyes, to draw them further apart, so your line should begin really thin and taper out to a thicker point. Wining the liner will help this effect too.
 The opposite applies to wide set eyes. To draw your eyes closer together, focus the liner on the inner corners of the eyes, and apply less to the rest of the eye.

Asian or hooded eyes can follow the same advise as with close set eyes. Because most of the liner in the inner corner will be hidden (in most cases) line thinner there, and focus on the outer corners of the eyes. White or peace liner can be applied to the waterline to make the eyes seem larger and rounder too.

I don't have a picture of small eyes, since I couldn't find one, but line your eyes with a white or peach liner in the waterline to make the eyes seem larger. If you apply liner to your top lid, keep the line thin and even.

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