Friday, 17 February 2012

How to give yourself a professional manicure at home!

Hello beauties!

I know a lot of women would rather go naked than without a pro manicure, but a lot of us don't have the time (or the money) to get it done professionally all the time. But we all like to feel good, and look good, and that's why I'm going to tell you, step-by-step, how to do the mani thing.

It's really as easy as pie (is pie easy? I thought that was tarts?), and anybody can do it. If you're unsure, ask as friend to help you out. But you are going to need some things.

Nail polish remover and cotton wool
A bowl with soapy, warm water
An orange stick or other cuticle pusher
A nail buffer and file
A nail shiner
Nail clippers
Any kind of soft brush
Cuticle oil and a nail polish of your choice
A top coat

OK. Here is what you should do :

1) Remove any old nail polish.

2) Cut the nails to the desired length, and file them. File from the outsides of the nail inward. If you like the length of your nails, you don't have to cut them, just file them back into the shape you want them.

3) Soak your hands in warm, soapy water for a while. This is to soften the cuticles and make them easier to push back, or cut. It's also relaxing! I put marbles in my water so I have something to play with! :)

4) Using the orange stick, or whatever cuticle pusher you have, gently push back your cuticles. This is an important step in nail health, so don't skip it! I like to push back my cuticles after taking my bath, but just about every second night.

5) If you have hard cuticles, or pieces of skin around the nail, remove them. The cuticle is that white-ish skin you get on the nail itself (at the back, near the skin), and not the skin around the nail as is commonly believed.

6) Buff and shine the nails. Buff in an up and down motion, from the top of the free edge, to the nail bed and back. Don't go from side to side, as this damages the nail. But don't buff too much as you could remove too much of the nail and thin it out!

 7) Apply your nail polish and let it dry, and then apply a top coat for extra shine and protection.

8) Apply some hand lotion, and using the thumb of your other hand, do a hand massage by rubbing the thumb against the hand in circular motions. Repeat on both hands!

9) Apply some cuticle oil onto the skin around the nail, and massage that into the skin.

And that's it! It works the same with a pedicure, except you should soak the feet first, and remove some of the hard skin on the heels, but the rest of the steps are pretty much the same thing.

Happy manicuring! Please remember to vote in the poll... I need inspiration on what to do next! Also, if you have any ideas on what I should blog about, please feel free to let me know. I really love hearing your insights and ideas!

Stay beautiful, and have an awesome weekend!

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