Thursday, 2 February 2012

A lot of change in the air...

Hello beauties!

First of all, what are your thoughts on the new and improved Bloomin' Couch blog? Please let me know. I get bored quickly, and thought I'd try this out. I got my lovely new background from, which is an awesome website where you can choose the pattern you like, and customise it to your hearts' content! Please comment on what you think, if you love of hate it, and if I should keep it like this, or change it back. At this point ideas are welcome!

Then I'd like to blog about Liani's new and improved blog, which even had a name change! It is now called The Photographer Diaries, since it better fits her, and what she wants to blog about. She'll now be giving photography and editing tips, and share some of her general know how with those of us who can barely hold the camera...

Liani and me
I've had many friendships in my life, and no-one has ever crept as deeply into my heart as Liani, and in such a short time too! She is a true friend, who cares about me as much as I care about her, and has put a lot of effort into out friendship. You'll never find a more sincere person!

And to top it all off, aint she purdy?!

Not only is she an awesome, giving person, but she is a talented artist, makeup artist and photographer. She is also the reason I found my passion for makeup, and if it hadn't been for her, The Bloomin' Couch wouldn't exist. You should see some of the makeup miracles she had created!

Yesterday, she blogged about our shared project, fantasy photo shoots. Even though she does most of the work, and I generally just stand around holding props, she was gracious enough to give me some of the credit for it! You really should go check out her bloggie! Some of the photos from these shoots are on there, as well as in her scrapbook tab, where you can find loads of phodies covering aspects of her day to day life.

She has also promised to blog more this year, so let's keep her to that! :D Please support my friend, and learn more about photography in the process. You really also should check out Angie's blog, sexy at midnight. If you like my blog, you'll love hers too.

And yes, I just changed my blog because Liani changed hers... Haha! Just kidding!

Stay beautiful folks, and subscribe to Liani's blog, or... I killllll yoouuuu!! :)

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