Thursday, 16 February 2012

Makeup looks from the Grammys

Hello beauties!

So the Grammys are over and only the pictures are left to remind us of it. Some of the stars really rocked their makeup, the foremost of these being Adele (who also cleaned the floor with the rest of the nominees), and some didn't. There were some weird looking people there, and Lady Gaga brought it too. I'm not even going to place a pic of her, since most of you know I really don't like her. So.

The best looking makeup (in my personal opinion) goes to Rihanna, who did a sexy, neutral, smouldering look. She looked like a bronze goddess, and rocked this minimal makeup look.

Adele won like a bazillion awards, and looked like a million bucks! Classic winged eyeliner paired with a hot red mouth was a winner. This woman is incredible and deserves to be recognised for the talent she is! :) But anyway, she looked fabulous, and you kan learn how to get her look from this video that Kandee did.

I'm not much of a fan of the look Fergie wore. She also attempted the sun kissed look Rihanna went for, but somehow, paired with the heavy orange dress-thing she wore, it didn't work for me. The fresh faced approach to makeup is huge right now, and it could have worked minus the orange? Her lips looked great though!

 Except for the hectic lashes, Carrie Underwood's look was OK. She likes the very glam bridal kind of look, and rocks it when she wears it.

Katy Perry went blue for this event. Some speculate that it's because of her impending divorce, and she was feeling the part. Whatever. I love her quirky style and the fact that she's all for taking makeup (and hair) chances. Unlike some other actresses who only wear one type of look...

Kelly Rowland was glowy and sultry. Her makeup suited her milk chocolate skin tone perfectly, and she owned it.

I may upset some people now. Don't get me wrong, I love Taylor's music, but her entire outfit seemed too old for her. Younger girls should be wearing brighter colours and doing the rock-chic thing. I felt this was the kind of look you'd see on an older, more mature type singer, and not the young fresh faced one like Taylor. Am I wrong? Please let me know what you think!

Stay beautiful!

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