Thursday, 9 February 2012

Makeup storage, and random stuff!

Hello beauties!

It's a rainy Thursday, and I love it! It's been raining since the early morning hours, and hasn't stopped yet. And while Cupcake isn't happy (cause she's got to stay indoors), I love the rain.

I've got some random stuff for you today. Remember how, just yesterday, I complained about not celebrating Valentines? And my hubby doesn't read my blog, well... Unless I tell him to read it NOW! :) He surprised me yesterday with an anti-Valentines day gift! He rawks! A lovely Hello Kitty soft toy and a chocolate, which I already ate. Now if you know me, you'll know I'm kind of obsessed with Hello Kitty and Betty Boop, well, not kind of, I'm almost as crazy about them as I am of Lord of the Rings, so that's a lot obsessed! So this was the perfect gift! Woo hoo!

I've also been playing around with my special effects makeup the last few days, and if you follow my Facebook, you'd have seen the pics already, so bare with me. I really love doing this! It's so much fun, and trying to make it look real is awesome too. Shout out if you'd like to see a tutorial on this!

Then, the topic in the title, makeup storage. I went to do a makeup job the other day, and realised, my makeup case is too small to haul everything along each time I do a makeup job. So I decided to get me a storage system of some sort running. After searching high and low for something that wasn't too officy, or too kiddies, my father in law took the situation into hand. We took measurements, got us some wood, and made these boxes ourselves. Now I can leave the stuff I wont need at home, without it getting dusty and gross! Haha!

The painting of the boxes soon became an issue too. Don't ask me why. I started to paint some flowers on one of the boxes, and it turned out to be what I feared, to kiddies room, and too little Bloomin' Couch. So again, my father in law saved the day, and suggested something in the line of : "Your blog is all stripy, so paint stripes!" And inspiration struck again! I've got some of these boxes for my nail stuff too, which I didn't photograph, since I'm not running into the rain! :)

It was at this point in time that I discovered, to my HORROR, I've got much more nail stuff than makeup. This will have to be rectified very soon, my sanity depends on it... (que scary music.)

 If you want you some makeup storage boxes (these will work great for friggin anything!) please let me know! Check out my daddy in law's awesome logo, which I designed! And don't you love the name of the company! He really is a wacky old man... :P

Stay beautiful everyone!


  1. Ooohhh gimme gimme!! Being an avid scrapbookaholic, I am always collecting boxes for storage of my scrapbook goodies. Preferably something little Nikita fingers won't be able to open by chance either hehe
    Love the blog my friend!!

    1. This would be awesome for scrapbooking! And she won't open the boxes by a long shot! Thanx for commenting!! It's great to see you here on the blog. Love ya buddy!

  2. ooo yes I would like to see a tutorial on your effects makeup. You made it look so real

    1. I'll do a tut, if you come and model for me!! Hahaha! Get out of this one, I dare you... :P