Monday, 13 February 2012

My weekend in pictures

Hello beauties!

I hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was busy, but really fun. I'll share it with you!

On Friday, I got some stuff for Saturday's shoot, and I made some props, played around with our new wig and was cold. I love rainy weather, but Friday was that cold, never ending rain that cuts you to the bone. Not pleasant. Now with us, it works like this, Fridays we eat with my parents, and Saturdays with my in-laws. Sundays we can have to ourselves is we behave during the week. :D So, on Friday afternoon, just before we left, I had some fun with Jan's forehead. :)

Except for the fake blood being too orange, I think it came out nicely. I've been looking high and low for stage and special effects makeup in South Africa, but to no avail. I've got mine, which really isn't that great quality if you want it to look real. It seems my only option is to import, and since my Christmas present still hasn't arrived, I don't think that is the smart route... Let me know if you find something!

Anyway, my dad was horrified when he saw Jan, wanting to rush him to the hospital. As if I'd stand by smiling happily if my husband had a gash like this one!! But the fact that my dad freaked out made me feel great. It looked real enough (in soft lighting while the sun was halfway down).

On Saturday the shoot with Liani and my cousin Larissa was off, then on again, due to the rain. But luckily the clouds parted and the sun came through!! The photos came out great, there are so many of them I can draw! I'll post some of the drawings here when the're done.

I did the makeup, and after making some mistakes, and Liani having to jump in and clean green eyeshadow on my cuz's nose, it came out OK. :) I was SO nervous, I have no idea what was wrong with me...

 I also got some latex elf ears for the occasion, and here you can see me and my other cuz, Tanja, sticking them on. It wasn't too smart to put on the wig first and then try to stick the ears though. I made a huge note to myself to not be that dumb again... :)

But the final result was really cool. Bright green makeup, huge lashes, black rhinestones, a beautiful black wig with elf ears sticking out and a bright purple top we used as a slip dress. My cousin was breathtaking!

If you're interested in a fantasy shoot like this one, please mail me or Liani, and we'll arrange one for you! Click the link above to see photos of the shoots we've done, as well as to send me or Liani emails. It's really a bundle of fun! We went on location to shoot, and it came out awesomely! I'll let you know when Liani uploads some pics so you can see. But ain't she looked purdy?

Then, when we got home in the late afternoon on Saturday, we took our doggies to the park to play with a ball. They had a great time too!

I woke up feeling terrible on Sunday morning. I've been struggling with sore muscles in my back for a while now, and sometimes it gets so bad I can barely walk. So I spent most of the day in bed, or laying down, on pain meds and inflammation pills. Luckily, by the late afternoon I felt better, and decided to DO SOMETHING. After laying around the whole day it was just right. So I made another crayon art.

Kind of resembles a butterfly. I really love this one, I think it's beautiful and colourful, and it SPEAKS to me, ya know? :) I'll have to keep this one...

Last we had ice cream and watched an episode or Everybody Loves Raymond. Jan put way too much chocolate sauce on mine, but, heck, we all cheat once in a while, right?

Tell me about your weekend in the comments below!

Have you seen the new Makeup Wall of Fame? This'll be the place I add new pictures of all the makeup I do. If you have photos of makeup looks I've done on you, send them to me, and I'll add them to the wall!

Stay beautiful,

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