Tuesday, 21 February 2012

One stroke nail art!

Hello beauties!

A new craze has emerged in the nail art world, creating beautiful designs with a single stroke of the brush. It's really simple to do, and you can create a ton of different effects with it.

In the video I'm posting, she talks about using acrylic paints to do the designs. You can use regular acrylic paint on your nails, the type you get at the craft store, but it WON'T LAST AS LONG. It'll be more prone to cracking and chipping. If you do this, you need a good base coat and top coat. You can buy nail polish acrylics though. The brand I use is called Art Deco by LA Colours, and you can buy them at Dischem for around R30.00 each. There are a boat load of colours to choose from, and they're really fast drying.

Also, don't panic about using only nail art brushes. If you want to use the real thing, Planet Nails is the place to go, but otherwise, make a stop at your local craft store and buy a regular old paint brush! You get them in really fine, soft hair, and they don't cost as much! They'll work just the same as a nail art brush.

On to the video :

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please mail me pics of your nail art designs! Don't forget to vote in the poll. It seems we're tied here, half of us work out, and the other half doesn't. Does nobody go to the gym any more? Weird!

Stay beautiful,

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