Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Hello beauties!

I've been feeling very tired lately, and it seems that it is something in the air. You'd think that our Novemberitis would be over now, since we could enjoy the holiday season and relax a little. This isn't always the case though. If you happen to have a family like mine, who like to hang out together, the festive season involves a lot of cooking, cleaning and serving!

My mom is a perfectionist, so all things have to be in place and perfect, before she is happy. So during Christmas, birthdays or whatever, she is usually running around like she lost her head, and by extension, so am I. Last week, I decided to treat myself to something I've never done before, a brown and lash tint. I did this to try and relax, and to be honest, to have something to blog about! :P

My aunt has a small home based salon, where she does massaging, facials, tinting, waxing and makeup. She also sells Annique products, which is a South African skincare and makeup brand, made with Rooibos tea (and, by the way, is cruelty free!). She calls this business Rooibossieka, and I designed her logo!

To get back to the point, I had my lashes and brows tinted by my aunt and it was so much fun! We chatted away (like only women can) while I had to lay still with closed eyes. And the result was darker brows and lashes! If you are in high school, and your parents won't mind, getting your lashes tinted is a great way to emphasise your lashes, without having to wear mascara. It also won't wash off or streak like mascara!

In total the process was about half an hour, so it doesn't take too long either! And to have the brows and lashes tinted is only R120.00, which isn't expensive at all. You can also get a facial for that price! We all need to treat ourselves to facials now and then!

Now, if you live in the Roodepoort area, and want to support my aunt, now during February is a great time! She is hosting pamper parties every Saturday of the month, at different times. And a huge percentage of the income from these parties will go to little Kevin Feldtman! So please show your support for this little boy!

If you are interested in any of my aunt's services, or Annique products, please contact her, Karin, at

I also have to tell you, I was featured on Sexy at Midnight! Angelique's blog is really cool, and if you haven't subscribed there yet, please do! And also, she has a competition going on at the moment. You can win awesome makeup prizes. I don't want you to enter, so I can WIN!! But please, for the love of makeup, go check it out!

Stay beautiful!

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