Friday, 3 February 2012

What do you think?

Hi beauties!

Firts of all, I know I'm supposed to upload a video today. I've been having problems since yesterday, when our ADSL router was struck by lightning. I was more than halfway into uploading the video this morning, when our power went out. I've got three makeup clients for 2 different weddings today, so in a little while from now, I won't be home to upload it again. The process takes up to four hours, so it isn't something I can do quickly. I'm really sorry! I'll post it on Monday.

Since almost no-one liked the new look of the blog (the one I had on yesterday), I've changed it again. Please let me know what you think about it? I needed a change, but I still want you guys to like it!

Sorry for the short post! One of my clients booked me late yesterday afternoon, and phoned early this morning to see if I can makeup her friend too. And just about 15 minutes later, the third girl booked me... I'm really thankful for the work! You really should contact me if you are interested in getting your makeup done for a Valentines dance (and if you are in the West Rand area!).

Thank you guys for sticking by me, and keeping on supporting me! I really appreciate it, and I love you all!

Stay beautiful, and have an awesome weekend!

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