Friday, 30 March 2012

Girls night in!

Hello beauties!

One of my readers suggested a while back that I do a post on ideas for a bunch of women to do together on a stay at home type evening. Kind of like when we used to have sleepovers as teenagers, but with some flare. And since it's Friday, I though it might do this post today, and hopefully inspire you for the weekend.

Some of the ideas are the same types of things we did at out teenage sleepovers, but some of them are a little more sophisticated. If you have any ideas, or have had a girls night in, please share your experiences and ideas with the rest of us! :)

 Have a makeup party. Or a mani / pedi party. The idea is this : get in a professional makeup artist or nail technician, and let her (or him) teach you how to do the basics or your colouring and what would suit you best in terms of lip colour etc.

A Manicure or pedicure party is pretty straightforward. You can read my post about giving yourself a home manicure and just have fun doing each other's nails!
 No party is complete without cocktails. Or wine. Women love these things!! :D Anyway, If you don't have a cocktail recipe book, here are some websites with a bunch of cocktails for you to try.
 Have a craft / scrapbooking party. Apparently I'm hanging in the wrong circles, because I had no idea people actually did this. But it's really huge in the USA and apparently in every place but South Africa. By the time this catches on here, the rest of the world will be doing something totally different!

Anyway, you gather your girlfriends up, have a large clear table and some crafty things, and you make cards, do beading, make candles, pewter or scrapbook (or whatever craft you do. You could knit if your heart desires it!).

If you don't know how to do crafty things (ha. I said crafty.), or are looking for inspiration, again, get in a professional to help you along.
 Karaoke. Not a lot of people like this, but hey, why not have some fun with your girls like you used to in school? Grab a hairbrush (or your karaoke machine) and sing your heart out.
 Have a book club meeting. Get your friends together, have some nice snacks and wine, and just chill together and have some fun. I hear some book clubs actually discuss the month's book too! :) You don't need to start with Tolstoy here, get a nice fantasy book, or love story if that floats your boat, and take a month's time to read it. You'll not only have a good excuse in your busy routine to see your friends, but you may actually learn something from the book you read.

Liani and I are really considering starting a book club. So let me know if you want in! :)
 Have a chick flick marathon. Or a horror movie marathon. Or maybe an action movie marathon. Whatever you and the girls love, get a bunch of movies from that genre, and check 'em out.

Just make sure you have lots of popcorn.
Give each other facials. Everyone loves a good pamper every now and again, and it's a great way of relaxing and unwinding.

You can even try making home recipe facials!

Hire a belly dancing / aerobics / pole dancing instructor, and get fit together. Try out something bizzare, who knows, you may just love it! Getting fit means more self confidence, which will lead to a better relationship with your hubby, fiancĂ©e or boyfriend, as well as at work and in your life in general. And having your girlfriend's support will make it a lot easier.

I hope you have an awesome weekend! By the way, before I forget, we're going to see the Hunger Games at Montecasino on 13 April at 20:00. If you want to meet up with us there, you need to book your tickets at Nu Metro now. NOW! :) I'm really excited about going, and the movie has been getting awesome reviews (and has been breaking records all around the place.). Please remember to vote in the poll!

Stay beautiful,

Thursday, 29 March 2012

SA Fashion week 2012

Hello beauties!

So, today is the start of SA Fashion week at the Crowne Plaza in Rosebank. You can expect big SA designers to be there, showcasing their Spring / Summer collections. It'll run for four days, starting today end ending April 1st. I know it isn't everyone's cup of tea, and this isn't a fashion blog, but I feel it's important to promote local events! For those of you who don't have a program yet, here it is.

Now this year, international celebrity hairstylist Ursula Stephen, who is responsible for Rihanna's ever changing look, will be at SA Fashion week, styling the models before they go on the runway. It's a good thing for our local designers, since it offers a little more exposure to international markets.

Let me know how it was if you go!

Stay beautiful,

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Cool uses for makeup pigment!

Hello beauties!

I've done a post on repairing broken eyeshadow before, but I've found some new uses for powder eyeshadows and pigments!

Makeup pigments are usually in powder form, and they come in little bottles or containers similar to these ones by MAC. They are a little more expensive than regular shadows, but they are of much better quality, and have much greater colour pay off, so you use less of it at any given time.

You can apply it with a brush, like you would regular eyeshadow, but it has more uses than you think...

* Mix some of the pigment into clear nail varnish on a plate (I use old cd's to mix nail varnish). You can decide how light or dark it should be, and also mix pigments together to make your own unique colours. If you don't have pigment laying around, simply scrape some eyeshadow off and use that!

* If you have a frosted white pigment, like the one in the image above, mix a tiny amount of it into your moisturiser, and use it as a highlighter on your cheekbones.

* Make a custom lip colour by mixing some pigment into petroleum jelly.

* You can also make custom eyeshadow colours by mixing pigments together on a plate or palette.

* Do you want a healthy shine in your hair? Simply mix some neutral coloured pigment into your styling products (leave in conditioner works best) and work it evenly through your hair.

If you know of any more uses for pigments, please let me know. Don't forget to vote in the poll!!

Stay beautiful,

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Makeup mistakes and how to correct them!

Hello beauties!

We have all made these mistakes at some point. Too much foundation, or the wrong shade. Bright, streaky blush. Too much lipstick, that stuck to our teeth. Walking around with smudged mascara. Well, today it ends! :) I'll post the problem and the solution and we'll combat this problem!

Midas' golden touch gone wrong.
 Too much bronzer / Too orange bronzer / Shimmery bronzer.

Probably the most important and most ignored rule in makeup is less is more. You'll see this rule popping up in most makeup mistakes. In this case, remember the following : shimmer over your entire face is never a good thing, except when you're a fairy, at a fashion or fantasy shoot, or at a halloween party. Or maybe if you're related to Midas, which is unlikely.
Shimmer will age you in the wrong quantity. Look at this picture. CZJ is an awesomely beautiful woman, but here she looks old and worn. The shade is also too orange for her skin tone.
How to fix : use the brush / sponge you applied your foundation with, and lightly brush it over the bronzer, blending it in circular motions. Or, lightly powder over it using your translucent powder.
How to avoid : Lightly dip your brush into the bronzer, and apply with light strokes to the areas you want it. Rather start with less product and build it up. Blend with your fingertips.

Bella Cullen shortly after her transformation.
 Lipstick teeth.

Oh, the horror. Your teeth should never be red. Unless if you're a vampire or some other blood sucking, flesh eating monster. This is never an attractive look!
How to fix and avoid : Apply your lipstick, blot with a tissue and then place a tissue lightly over your mouth. Holding the tissue in place, dip your big fluffy brush in translucent powder, and run it over your lips softly. The powder will set the lipstick and keep it in place all day long. You can also apply some petroleum jelly to your teeth with a cotton bud.

Exhibit A
 Too much eyebrow makeup.

Even Ang can look horrid... Yup, this is a problem. Too dark and drawn in eyebrows can age you ten years, see exhibit A. They're supposed to frame the face, not form a balcony... Please, please read my post on eyebrows if you don't know how to fill in brows.
How to fix : Lightly rub a clean cotton bud over your brows, following the direction of the hairs. The bud will lift off some of the product. Also, translucent powder over the brows will lighten them up a bit.
How to avoid : Less is more. Use a shade that is similar your hair colour, but is about a shade lighter. Never use a colour darker than your hair, except if you are doing a costume or fashion look.

On my way to the circus.
 Too much blush / Shimmery Blush / Clown blush

This makes me think of Marie Antoinette at a big event. Does anyone blush like that? The shimmer part falls in nicely with the bronzer, it ages you if your whole face shines. That's what highlighter is for!

You can fix and avoid this in the same way you can fix and avoid too much bronzer.

Ps. This picture was obviously taken for a glamour shoot, but it illustrates the point perfectly.

Creasy creasy
 Creased eyeshadow.

It's like double eyeliner in some cases. But who can be blamed in our South African summers? It's hot, so our shadows crease. But it's still a makeup no-no! And it's not easy to fix, except if you're planning on carrying the exact same eyeshadow and a brush with you all day long.
How to avoid : USE A PRIMER. You can get good quality eye makeup primers for under R100. Apply the primer and blend it over your eyelids. Apply the eyeshadow over the primer. Any cream products should be set with powder. You can apply translucent powder over your eye makeup after you're done. It'll absorb the oils your skin produces during the day and keep the lids crease free.

Top deck lips.
 Dark lipliner and light lipstick.

This should be a felony. It's like floodgates for the lipgloss. This was apparently fashionable when Noah set the ark to sail. It hasn't been since then though, so please, PLEASE don't do this!
How to avoid : Use the same shade liner as lipstick. Apply the liner around the lips, then fill them in completely. Apply your lipstick over the liner. The filled in liner will wear away much slower during the day, leaving your lips filled in much longer. You'll need to take the liner and lipstick with you and fill it in after a few hours, but it's a small price to pay for lasting lip colour!

Mascara mayhem

Smudged mascara.

This one happens to all of us, and the more rushed you are, the more likely it is to happen. And the irony is, it's one of the easiest mistakes to avoid!
How to fix : If you make a smudge, ignore it for a while, and continue with the rest of your makeup, allowing the smudge to dry. Then simply take a cotton bud, and lightly press or roll it over the smudge. The mascara will lift off easily! If it is more stubborn, dip your cotton bud into makeup remover, and then lightly press it to the smudge. You'll need to lightly blend the rest of the makeup together over the bare spot if you used makeup remover.
How to avoid : Simply place a tissue over your eyelid, using it as a barrier between your lids and lashes. Apply your mascara and remove the tissue. You can also try applying your lower lashes' mascara first, and them moving on to the upper ones once they're dry. This was your lower lashes won't smudge below your eyes. Try looking down into a mirror when applying mascara to your top lashes, and keep looking downward until they've dried.

Plastered on foundation
 Too much foundation / The wrong shade.

I've done an entire post about this. Please read it! This is another makeup mistake that will age you, as well as clog your pores and create chaos on your skin.
How to fix : If you have applied too much, moisten a makeup sponge in water, pressing out the excess. Lightly run it over your face. The sponge will pick up the excess foundation and solve your problem quickly.
How to avoid : Once again, less is more. Rather build up the product layer for layer, than slapping it all on at once.

Too much eyeshadow

Blue eyeshadow is back, but in moderation. As we are going into Autumn here in SA, darker, more subdued colours are filling our palettes, and the brights should be put away for Spring. This picture captures almost all of the makeup mistakes in one scary photo. I remember the Drew Carry show, and I remember this woman. Even on TV, this was unacceptable! Please, don't even do this kind of makeup for a party!!! :)
How to fix : If your hand was too heavy with the eyeshadow, Use a clean makeup brush to remove some of the excess, and apply some translucent powder over the lids. Use circular motions to blend the shadow towards the edges of your eyes, from where you can blend it out with your foundation brush.
Avoiding this is OBVIOUS!! Haha!

I really hope you learned something and you know how to fix and avoid these makeup mistakes. There are some more that I didn't cover, like a too light concealer, bright white eyeshadow and too much highlighter. If you want to see more, or have requests, please let me know. Also, please remember to vote in the poll. I'm going to run the polls for two weeks in the future, since some of you felt the polls were over too quickly.

Stay beautiful,

Monday, 26 March 2012

Some random stuff and pictures from my mini vacation!

Hello beauties!

I'm back in Jo'burg after four days of overwhelming heat and fun in the ocean. I'm covered in mosquito bytes. Really covered! I itch all over!! So before I even remotely start this post, I beg of you, if you have any home remedies for treating bytes, please, PLEASE let me know. :)

Anyway, we had a heat wave down in Durban. Or at least, what felt like a heat wave to us in-landers. We hit temperatures around 33 degrees Celsius, and the humidity was so bad that even my moisturiser didn't last on my skin for longer than 10 minutes. We couldn't sleep at night due to the heat, while my cousin who lives there said he was starting to get cold at night. I think he was dropped on his head as a baby! (Love you Neill!! :))

But the ocean was beautiful, the water lovely and clear. We had a blast! The first two pics are of my cousin Luke and my Uncle Arno blowing bubbles. Luke had so much fun with his granddad, and I couldn't resist showing you some pics!

Luke chasing a bubble
Arno and Luke
Adorable, right? And here are some shots of the ocean. We didn't charge the camera's battery before we left, and couldn't take as much pictures as usual, but there are at least a few!

Beautiful beach at Ansty's

The water was super clear

Ah, to be there again...

The sandbank formed a second beach
We had a great time staying at my grandmother's and spending some time with family. It was a really short visit, but at least we get to go again later this year for my cousin's wedding. Cupcake was really annoyed with us for going away though. Even if she lived like a queen and was spoilt rotten by my in laws... :) But in true doggie nature, she forgave us the moment we came home. I love that pup to bits!!

OK, to get on with the post, I have some of my Pinterest finds for you guys today. If you haven't done so yet, please follow my pins, and share yours with me!

Funky button headband

 I love these music bar nails. If you want to try this, you should check out my newspaper nails post, because I think you can use the same technique to get this effect. I also think this could look really cool with a neon bright base colour.
Moustaches are so in!

I love this necklace, it has such a steampunk feel to it!

This awesome artwork was done by Alicexz. Digital art is incredible!


Another cool piece of 

I'm such a Bond geek!

Another amazing digital artwork, this one by Tsuaii.

The three LOTR wizards... :)

Isn't this cool? Cloud lights made from cotton batting!

The easiest way ever to do gradient nails.

A Funky double braided headband tut.

Don't you just love this? Cracks me up!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend. Stay beautiful,