Tuesday, 6 March 2012

A few of my current favourite things

Hello beauties!

I wanted to share some things I like with you, but first, some of the pictures from Simonne and Martin's shoot. I did the makeup for her a few weeks ago, and I think she looked stunning :

They  make a stunning couple, and I pray they'll have a very blessed life together. I'll add her to the makeup wall of fame!

Now for my favourites :)

Over the weekend, Liani came to visit me, and we did her toenails this exact colour. It's called "The lime starts here" by The Colour Club, and it actually smells like lime. 

It's pretty awesome don't you think?

This next pic is my current favourite nail art, and is one of the treasures I found on Pinterest. I absolutely love Peanuts, and Snoopy! It's one of the things my hubby introduced me to, and we both love reading the comics. When I have kids, the baby room will probably have a Peanuts theme... :)

I love this makeup look! The colours are beautiful together, and the lashes are awesome. Another of my Pinterest favourites.

This is my current favourite hairstyle. My hair was cut into a really, really old fashioned style. I went in and asked for an edgy a-symmetrical bob, and the hairdresser simply told me no. Then she proceeded to cut my hair into a straight bob with a single layer and nothing funky about it. Lovely huh?

Anyway, I love this style, and might go this way. Even though I'm missing my long hair like mad at this point.

Brave is a Pixar animation coming out later this year. It looks epic, and it's my favourite up and coming animation. I love animations, and I try to collect them! This one is kind of special to me though, because it's about a bunch of Scots. I happen to be very proud of my Scottish heritage! Check out the trailer here. I actually just watched it again... :)

 My favourite up and coming movie is, obviously The Hunger Games, about which I've blogged before (and you can see the trailer at that link too), and Liani's blogged about it too.

It's going to be friggen epic. Epic with a capital E. :D
I've recently started watching Pretty Little Liars, which is a good show. It hasn't dethroned my other favourites (which are Glee, Castle and Big Bang Theory. Nothing comes close to these shows!! :P), but it's my current favourite. If you like stuff like The Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl, you'll like this show too.

I'm currently re-reading my all time favourite series, The Lord of the Rings. This is one of the pics from the mini shoot with Liani, bless her soul. Why do I love LOTR? Well, because it is the EPICEST of all EPICNESS. I just made up two words to describe how truly awesome it is! :) I'm a freak, I know.
I got myself this awesome steam punk inspired necklace this weekend at China Mall. I LOVE it. It may now be my favourite piece of jewellery ever. What the what is Steam punk you ask? It's a subculture that basically looks, talks and walks the Victorian era, paired with way futuristic steam driven technology. As in corsets and top hats in steam driven flying machines. It's all cogs, wheels and steam in Steam punk. Google it. It blew my mind! :)

What are some of your current favourites? Please let me know! And please vote in the poll. I'd really appreciate it!

Stay beautiful,

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