Thursday, 1 March 2012

Hair chalking

Hello beauties!

You're probably thinking "What the what is hair chalking???". Well, it's simple. To colour strands of your hair bright and funky colours that are non-permanent, you can simply use soft pastels. Here are some examples :

Image by Kandee Johnson

Image by the Beauty Department

Pretty cool huh?

Here are some things you need to know :

1) NEVER use OIL PASTELS, since they'll only make a mess in your hair. You need SOFT PASTELS (also known as chalk pastels). You can get them at any arts and crafts store.
2) Twist your hair while applying the chalk, the texture of the twisted hair will cause the pastels to give off more pigment.
3) If you have light hair, or dark hair with bleached ends, you can apply this straight. But if you have dark hair, you need to wet the strands a little for the pigment to show on your hair. DON'T WET BLONDE HAIR, since it'll stain your hair, and the colour won't come out for a few washes.
4) Wear something the same colour as your strands, or something old. The colour rubs off on your clothes during the day. Otherwise, upstyle your hair.
5) You need to do a deep conditioning treatment after you washed this out, since the powder from the pastels will dry out your hair.
6) Brush out the pigment lightly before you wash your hair.

What you basically do is this :

1) Wet the strands of dark hair slightly. Skip this step if you have light hair.
2) Select a colour pastel.
3) Twist the strand of hair and rub the pastel against it.
4) You can try multiple colours on a single strand.
5) It'll last all day, and you can use a clarifying shampoo and conditioning treatment afterwards.

Here is a video showing you how, just in case you didn't follow my directions! :)

Please mail me images of your hair if you tried this! I'd love to see how it turns out. And since I don't have much hair left (I'll share the story and photos with you soon...) I can't really try this!

Stay beautiful and colourful folks,

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