Friday, 2 March 2012

Hair extensions explained

Hello beauties!

Have you ever wondered about hair extensions? Or are you considering getting some and you want to know more about them? Today, we're talking about the different types of extensions you can find and how they work.

All hair extensions are either made from real human hair, or synthetic hair. Human hair is obviously more expensive, and feels real, while synthetic hair is about a fourth of the cost, but can look less natural. Real hair can be styled and treated like your natural hair, while synthetic hair can't be heat styled, and tends to become matted after washing.

First up, the glue based extensions. These have pre glued tips, and are attached to the hair using heat or air pressure, which causes the glue to melt and attach to the hair for as long as three months.

The bottom picture shows the glue extensions attached to the hair. A lot of celebrities, like Paris Hilton, choose this way of making their hair seem thicker and longer.

Weave extensions are interesting! The hair is sectioned off, and the weave is placed in the parting. Then it's kind of sewn into the hair, as you can see in the bottom picture.

 Both the above methods are permanent, and grows out with the hair. It needs to be redone every 3 or so months, and if you get sick of it, it needs to be removed by a professional. These methods are also mor expensive, since it is more permanent than the other methods. But you also have the non permanent attaching extensions.

The link system basically works with a loop, through which a section of hair is pulled, the loop is pulled through the metal casing of the extension, and the metal is clamped to your hair. This type of extension can be re-used and removed whenever you want. I've personally had the loop system in my hair before. The first time, I had a really bad experience, with the hair breaking off at the shaft. But the second time was much better, especially when I figured out how to remove and put them back. This is incredibly easy, and takes no time at all.

Clip in extensions are the simplest of all the systems. You simply section off some of your natural hair, and clip in the extension underneath. You can find these anywhere (even China Mall), in all colours and lengths.

You can also buy funky extensions! Some of these include feathers and tinsel :

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Have an awesome weekend and stay beautiful!


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