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How to : Determine your skin undertone

Hello beauties!

Last Friday I did a post about red lipstick, and quickly touched on undertone. But I'm going in depth on this subject, since one of my readers wants to see a post on picking the perfect foundation, and knowing your undertone will make that easier.

These are three basic tests you can do to see in which group you fall, first up is the vein test. This was in last weeks' post, but I'll go through it again. In natural lighting (outside, or in front of a window), look at the underside of your arms. If your veins look green, you're probably warm toned, while if your veins look blue or purple, you're probably cool toned. But, if you can't say if the veins are blue or green, or if you have both, you're probably neutral toned.

For the second test, you need to pull back your hair in a ponytail or hair band, and drape white cloth around your shoulders and hair. You should stand in front of a large mirror in natural lighting and look closely at your skin. If your skin looks blueish, you're cool toned, if it seems yellowish, your warm toned, and if it seems greenish, you're neutral.

The last test continues where the second one ended. Still draped in white, hold yellow gold jewellery close to your face, and do the same with silver. If your skin looked better with the gold, you're warm toned, while if the silver looked better, you're cool. If both look equally good on you, you're probably neutral.

What does this mean?

Warm toned skin looks better, and more alive really, wearing warm toned clothes. This also applies to makeup, jewels and hair colour. If a warm toned person dyes their hair, for example ash blonde or an ashy brown, they look drawn and unwell, while if their hair is a warm brown or honey blonde, they'll look incredible. People in this group also tend to tan easily in the sun.

The reverse is true for cool toned skins. They look more vibrant wearing cool shades, and drawn wearing warm shades. Cool tones tend to burn really easily when exposed to the sun.

Our neutral toned friends are incredibly lucky. They can wear any colour in any tone, and look awesome.

Now you know your undertone, but it splits up even more, since you also have a skin season. Yup, you can be Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring.

Summers are cool toned and tend to have the following characteristics :

Skin :
* Very fair porcelain skin or
* Pinkish or pinkish beige or
* Ruddy (means reddish) or
* Yellowish beige

Natural hair colour :
* Ashy blondes and browns that tend to look dull and lifeless or
* Gray and smokey blondes (like platinum blonde) or
* Very dark brown or
* Gray (ashy tones)

Eye colour :
* Any blue shade or
* Gray or
* Gray-green and green with yellow radiating from the pupil or
* Hazel of gray-brown

If you fall in this group, you probably have a low contrast between your skin, hair and eye colour, meaning light hair, light eyes and light skin. It can happen that you look kind of like Snow White, having really dark hair and very pale skin. Silver jewellery suits you better, and you look great in cool, pastel shades. Here is an example of a Summer colour pallet:

ScarJo is a famous Summer
Spring toned people have a warm undertone, and have the following characteristics :

Skin :
* Ivory or milky white (can have freckles) or
* Golden and peachy beige or
* Ruddy with peach, pink or red tones

Natural hair colour :
* Golden and honey blondes or
* Strawberry blondes or
* Reds and auburns or
* Warm browns, very rarely dark brown or
* Yellow-gray

Eye colour :
* Clear, light blues or
* Any green shade or
* Golden browns and hazels (not usually dark)

What I described here is your basic Irish beauty, you know, the freckled red head. But you obviously don't need to be the Irish beauty to fall in this group!

An example of a colour chart for Springs :

Emma Stone is your Spring Celebrity
 Next up is Autumn. This group has a warm undertone and the following characteristics :

Skin :
* Ivory or light beige (can have freckles) or
* Peachy or ruddy with peachy tones or
* Golden beige or bronze

Natural hair colour :
* Honey blondes or
* Vibrant reds or
* Reddish and coppery browns (medium to dark) or
* Very black or
* Yellowish gray

Eye colour :
* Dark to golden browns and hazels or
* Green and blue hazels or
* Dark or light greens or
* Vibrant blues, never blue gray

People in this group can wear deeper warm tones and get away with some browns the other tones can't. Here is an example of a Autumn colour chart :

Jessica Alba is an Autumn
Last up, we have Winter, and there are two variations in this group. Cool toned Winters have these characteristics :

Skin :
* Pale or porcelain or
* Pale or rosey beige or
* Ruddy with red and pink tones or
* Very dark brown or black

Natural hair colour :
* Darkest blacks and browns or
* Silvery gray, tends to salt and pepper

Eye colour:
* Deep browns and hazels or
* Cool browns or
* Darker blues or
* Gray greens

Here is an example of a cool toned Winter colour chart :

Kristen Stewart falls into this group
The last group is the neutral toned Winter group.

Skin :
* Copper, or medium to dark browns or
* Honey browns or
* Olive tones or
* Peachy beige

Natural hair colour :
* Medium and dark browns, and darkest blacks or
* Silvery gray, tends to salt and pepper

Eye colour :
* Medium to dark vibrant browns
* Golden and green hazels

I fall into this group. Neutral Winters tend to tan easily, and we can wear a wider spectrum of colours. We can also tend to look warm toned in warm colours, and cool toned in cool colours. Some of the people in this group edge to be warmer or cooler.

Here is an example of a neutral Winter colour chart, though people in this group can wear a wider range of colour :

 Queen Latifah is a Neutral Winter
I really hope you enjoyed this post. It took a lot of research, and I learned a bunch while getting it together for you. Please let me know what you thought of the post, and if you have anything to add to it, please do. I'm not an expert on this, and got what I posted here from (extensive!!) Google searching. I got most of the info for this post from these sites :


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