Wednesday, 7 March 2012

How to dye your hair at home

Hello beauties!

So, this is something all of us have done at some point, coloured our hair at home. I have to be honest when I say I do this every month and I haven't had a professional dye job for about 6 or 7 years. I've also been colouring it for such a long time that I have very few pictures of my natural colour! :) Anyway, times are tough and we don't always have the cash to spend on professional colouring. For long medium length hair you'd buy a box of colour for around R100.00, while salon colour can cost you more than 3 times as much. I've told you before that I'm a bargain hunter and I'm pretty stingy! So home colouring is perfect for me.

Here are the basic steps :

1) Do the strand test as described on the direction sheet if you've never coloured your hair before. Also, if you are under 18, I suggest you get your parent's approval beforehand.

2) Put on your gloves. Don't forget this step if you want your hands and fingernails to look normal... One time, one of my gloves had a hole in it and I didn't see it. My fingernails were a reddish brown around the cuticles and under the free edge for a long time. Not attractive!

3) Section off your hair. I personally don't do this, but for a first time, it may be a good idea.

4) Wear something you're not too mad about. An old t-shirt will work the best. And wash it and keep it for next time!

5) Mix the colour cream in with the reactor fluid, and sake well.

6) Apply the colour to the sectioned off hair. Make sure you mix it well everywhere. Some people work from the roots to the tips, and some work from the tips to the roots. I haven't personally tried it the second way round.

7) Set your timer to the time given on the instruction sheet, and wait the allotted time.

8) Rinse out your hair until the water runs clean - no more colour comes out. Then do the conditioning treatment, and wash that out.

9) You're done!

Here is a video with detailed instructions :

Some things to remember :

* If you have long hair, you may need 2 boxes, like in the video.
* For short hair, you may only need half a box, so mix half of the contents into a bowl. Never keep mixed product, mix it as you need it.
* If you are uncomfortable dyeing your hair yourself, ask a friend or your mom to help you.
* Make sure to clean your skin immediately after you applied the dye. It stains the skin, but only for a little while, the colour fades quickly on the skin. But it doesn't look attractive!!
* Don't use the product if you had a reaction after the strand test.
* It may not work if your hair has been dyed with henna before.

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  1. Just to add to the post - apply Vaseline on your hairline as well as directly to the top of your ears before you apply the colour to your hair. This prevents your skin from staining if the colour comes into contact. I'm a messy homekit colour girl & I've experienced dodgy red blotches all over my skin after colouring. I find this technique to be effective & although time-consuming, well worth it. Once you've rinsed the conditioner from your hair, simply wipe the Vaseline off with cotton wool & voila! No stains.

  2. Thanx for adding that. I actually forgot! Haha :)