Monday, 19 March 2012

My weekend in pictures

Hello beauties!

What a full and eventful weekend! I thought I'd share it with you with some of the pictures I took along the way.

I spent Friday with my cousins Tanja and Anschke. We had a bundle of fun, just hanging out together and later we had some fun with makeup. I did some glam makeup on Tanja, and effects makeup on Anschke (of which I'll post a step by step tutorial somewhere this week). Here's how it turned out :

 I'm just not mad about the multi coloured rhinestones, but at the time it seemed like a good idea! We all ate together with my parents, brother and his friend and had a great time. Anschke even went to her drama class with that hectic gash over her cheek... People were freaked out! I also (finally) got my new phone on Friday! It's a Samsung Galaxy Ace, and I love it.

Saturday morning was spent shopping! I spoilt myself with a skirt and a top and we got a few cosmetic things as well. I did Almarie's makeup in the afternoon. She didn't want to pose for a picture, or get out of the car! She also wanted to use her own lipgloss, which is why her lips were bare in these pictures. She wanted very natural, barely there makeup.

The evening brought on Phantom of the Opera, at the Monte Casino Teatro. It was my mom's first production, and she barely slept for a week, because of the excitement! I didn't think as far as taking pictures of us before we left, since I wasn't allowed to take a camera to the show. But I did get some images off the internet.

Madame Giry and Raoul on their way to the Phantom's lair.

The Phantom, Jonathan Roxmouth, singing his heart out.

Some of the ballerinas in the opening act

Meg at the end of the show, finding the phantom's mask.

Let me tell you, it was epic. The actors were incredible, their voices sending chills down our spines a few times. I had goosebumps a few times during the show. They also had (next to The Lion King) the most intricate and incredible costumes and set design I've ever seen in a show. So much detail that you really couldn't take it all in, but it was awesome! It's on at the Teatro until May, so if you haven't seen it yet, you still can. I've seen a few productions now, and this one was one of the very best.

Sunday we were so tired from the show that we slept in. We got home at around half past twelve, and got to bed a while after that still. We only woke up at around 10! Haha! With age comes more required sleep! :) Anyway, we had our friends Franco and Liani over for a while (LF Photography people. Like it, follow it, subscribe to it!). We just sat around and chatted, Jan and I really weren't very good hosts! :D

I also worked on some clothing designs. Now you probably didn't know this about me, except if you've known me forever, or went to high school with me. But I've designed a few things in my life, including a few evening dresses that actually were made (including my own Matric dance and wedding dresses.). I recently got back into contact with a friend from high school who was shocked to find that I never went into designing. So. Here are two of the designs.

'What the what is going on here?' you may think. It's steampunk. Steampunk is a subculture that is basically obsessed with the Victorian era paired with technological wonders, mainly driven by steam. Yes, I'm one of these mad people. I'm actually working on a novel, which plays off in a steampunk world. Maybe, if you ask nicely, I'll let you read some if it. The corset in the second picture was inspired by one of the pins in my steampunk Pinterest gallery.

Later that afternoon, we took the dogs to the park, and Jan and my father in law played some frisbee. I was the designated photographer, and of course, most of the pictures were out of focus, or worse, but I did get a few treasures out of it.

Cupcake in the long grass. She had to bounce and jump to get around!

My father in law in action, and Tiny dying to pounce the frisbee.

A shot I'm really proud of, I waited to get that lens flare perfectly.

Jan in action, and Tiny running like a mad thing to get there in time.
How was your weekends? Please share your experiences with me!

I'm also happy to announce at this time that we're going to visit my grandmother in Durban for a few nights. We leave on Wednesday and will be back around Saturday. So the posts later this week may be a little shorter than you're used to. I'll post some pics of the ocean for those of you who haven't seen it so far this year, so you can enjoy it with me!

Stay beautiful folks,


  1. love die steampunk designs!

  2. Hey hey, hope you make a turn by us when you come visit your gran in Durban;)