Wednesday, 21 March 2012

New trend : Caviare nails

Hello beauties!

Some nail art for you today, a huge trend called caviare nails. I've seen this trend in any colour you can think of, but I have to say the dark colours have the best effect in my opinion. This is one of the easiest nail art projects you can try, and won't cost you much either.

What you're going to need is :

Some cheap stick on false nails (you can leave this one out if you choose so, but either way, you're sticking stuff on your nails, and the falsies makes it less messy. And it's easier with them). And some nail glue. You're actually going to use a lot of nail glue...

Some micro beads in the colour of your choice. You can find these at any craft store. You can also use regular seed beads, but since they're usually larger than the micro beads, they leave a rougher finish. And the holes in the beads look weird.

You also need a nail polish matching the colour beads you chose, and base and top coats.

How to to it :

1) Size the false nails to fit your nails.
2) Lightly file the nails to the shape and length you want, and also file the shine off the top of them.
3) Paint the colour nail polish you want to use. Use one or two coats, and let it dry completely.
4) Paint some nail glue over the nails, and dip them into the micro beads.
5) Let the glue dry completely.
6) Paint a top coat over the beaded nails to add shine and help hold the beads in place.
7) While the false nails are drying, paint the base coat on your nails and let it dry well.
8) Once the first coat is dry, paint a second base coat, and let that dry too. Once it is completely dry, lightly file the top of your nail until it has no shine left. This will create a rough surface for the false nail to stick to, while the base coat protects your nail.
9) One by one, stick down the falsies onto your natural nails. Stick them down from the cuticle area forward, and hold them down firmly for a while.

And that's it. If you choose to stick the micro beads to your own nails, one base coat should be enough. And you don't need to file off the shine. You should be able to remove the beads (or false nails) by soaking them in acetone.

If you want to be able to re-use the false nails, don't file off the shine from your natural nail. The smooth surface will make if more difficult for the glue to stick, and therefore the nails won't stick for longer than about a week. If you want to remove them, soak your nails in warm water for around half an hour, and the glue should be soft enough that you can pull of the nails easily, without damaging your nail bed.

This is a good tip to remember for all nail art. It's a lot easier to try the different designs and techniques when you don't have to do it on your own hands. Using false nails will help you get it right quicker, and you don't have to commit to wearing it permanently if you use this method.

Stay beautiful,

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