Monday, 12 March 2012

Some amazing makeup looks

Hello beauties!

Hope you had an awesome weekend. We had a relaxed Friday night, just staying at home and eating some pizza. We usually spend Friday nights with my parents, and Saturday's with my in laws (that's being married for you!!), so it's uncommon to have a Friday evening alone. It was great! I did Lizanne's makeup on Saturday morning, and in the afternoon, Cupcake finished her puppy training class. She got a certificate and everything! :) Sunday was spent with my parents, and watching episodes of Castle and the Lying game at home.

Thank you all for voting in the poll, I'll do a Katie Perry look and it'll be up on Friday. Thank you also for your incredible support on my blog, I can't believe it's reached 30,000 views in such a short time. Please follow or subscribe and show some love! If you have any ideas for posts, please let me know. I've got some of your requests lined up, this week we're going to talk about skin undertones, foundations, eyebrows and then the Katie Perry makeup.

But today's topic is makeup artistry. Some of these inspirational looks are really incredible. Makeup is really art, and you can completely transform someone with it. Check out these awesome looks!

These are great, right? I can't imagine how long some of them must have taken to do. If you find some amazing makeup, hair or nail art pictures, please send them or the links to them to me!

Stay beautiful,


  1. Loving your page. Found it while searching for Halloween makeup ideas and related stuffs. I actually don't have that creativity but it's fun so collect such photos and tutorials on my Pinterest board collection. Please allow me to pin some of your photos, pleaseeeeeeeee! thanks much and God bless!

    1. Glad you like it! :) Go ahead and pin all you want! Have an awesome day!