Friday, 9 March 2012

Something for the weekend : Red lips

Hello beauties!

This is something I never wear. I really have lip issues!! Hehe. I've always been self conscious of my huge lips, even when people tell me that some people spend a fortune to have lips like mine. I don't like drawing attention to them, so when (on the rare and far apart occasions) I do wear red lipstick, it's usually very muted.

Cool toned red lipstick
You have to pick the right shade of red for you, and to do this you need to know if you're warm or cool toned.

To find this out is really simple, look at the veins on your arm. If they have a green tinge to them, you are warm toned, and if they are slightly blue / purple (no, you are not royal!!) you are cool toned.
Warm toned red lipstick

Warm tones need something with a yellow / orange undertone. These are usually brighter and more vibrant reds. Cool undertones need reds with a blue base, and these reds are usually more subdued.

This video from Michelle Phan shows different ways to wear red lipstick. And the song is awesome!

Have an awesome weekend, and stay beautiful!

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