Thursday, 22 March 2012

Step by step Special effects makeup

Hello beauties!

Last Friday, I had my cousins over for a visit. Anschke and I decided to try some special effects makeup on her, and make a tutorial at the same time. So here it is, specially for you!

I used my special effects makeup that I bought from Hollywood costumes, and a variety of makeup and makeup brushes. I also used a medium sized plastic pallet knife to apply the skin coloured wax (called fake skin in the kit).

I forgot to take pictures of the first few steps, so I'll just explain them to you.

1) Apply a primer. This is important because it'll create a base for the makeup to stick on, as well as protect your skin from drying out, and in some cases, staining. It'll also make the product wash off easier.
2) Plot out the shape of the scar you want to create using a white pencil, or light foundation.
3) Start building the edges of the scar, using the wax.
4) Using a makeup sponge, apply liquid latex over the wax, and let it dry.
5) Apply matching foundation (if needed) over the fake skin, to make it look more realistic. Since the wax matched Anschke's skin so well, I skipped this step.
6) Fill in the open gash with a dark brown eyeshadow, cream eyeshadow or foundation. I used my darkest brown foundation.

7) Build on the dark brown with a black eyeshadow. It doesn't have to be perfect, splotchy patches of colour will make it look as it the wound has different depths.

8) Using a deep red lipstick, or lip pencil and a small makeup brush, apply some inside the gash. Again, it doesn't have to be perfect.

9) Get a medium sized makeup brush and your eyeshadows. Apply some brown eyeshadows around the outer edges of the 'wound'. Build on this with blues, purples, yellows and greens. You can add foundation over it, lightly, to blend it in better.

10) Taking your thick fake blood and a small makeup brush, add some of it into the wound. Make sure to dab a drop of it here and there outside the wound too. Add some of the runny stage blood next. This will keep on dripping and running, which will make the wound look more realistic. Put some of the stage blood on a makeup sponge and dab it around, or using your finger, flick it onto the surrounding skin, to create blood spray. Then, lastly, taking a sharp red lip liner, lightly draw in some veins around the wound. This will create a traumatised effect.

And that's your wound. I've said before that the fake blood is too orangy and bright red, I'll buy some of the good stuff when I get in London later this year. The stage blood will keep on dripping, and the moulding wax will keep on tearing the longer you wear the makeup. It'll look more and more realistic the longer it's on your skin.

I hope you enjoyed this!

Stay beautiful,

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