Monday, 5 March 2012

Toothpick / needle nail art

Hello beauties!

Hope you had an awesome weekend. Mine was busy busy!! Saturday, I spent the day with Liani, first doing her toenails acid green, and then we were off to China Mall for a shopping spree. Sunday we had like 7 birthdays in the family, and had one party after the other. It was fun and hectic!

So today I've got two videos showing you how to do needle / toothpick / drag nail art. It's really simple to do, all you need is nail polish and a needle or toothpick, which you drag through the nail polish while it is still wet. Just one tip, when you choose your nail polish, make sure it isn't runny and it should be thicker polish. Otherwise it's going to be difficult! Here are some examples :

You can get lots of effects with this technique! Here are the video's :

 And :

 Please mail me pics of your nails! I'd really love to see how it comes out. Please vote in the poll this week? I'll try and do a step by step tutorial on the makeup of the celeb you choose Friday. This was one of the ideas from you guys! If you have any more ideas, please let me know!

Stay beautiful,

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