Monday, 2 April 2012

Awesome competition and some randomness...

Happy Monday, beauties!

And, in the same breath, Happy April. Can you believe how this year has been running past us? It's like yesterday was new years eve... Anyway, on to today's topic.

How would you like to win your share of R7600.00? Yup, my amazing friends at LF Photography and Timeless hair and Beauty salon are having this competition:

You need to live in Gauteng to enter, or be willing to drive really far if you win! Haha! Please go check out the COMPETITION RULES before you enter and get disqualified or aren't eligible to win. Everything is explained there, as well as a breakdown of all the prizes. This is an awesome opportunity for those of you who have always wanted a modelling portfolio, but have never had the funds to get one done. And, honestly, who wouldn't love to have their hair, nails and makeup done for free, and get a professional photoshoot to go with it?

Liani will be doing the makeup, go check out her makeup page on her blog. Here are some examples of her previous work :

Speaking of Liani, the two of us are conniving again... While doing her toenails on Saturday, we got to talking about an idea I've had for a while now, and then expanded it into a Great Idea. Watch this space for the awesomeness, no EPICNESS that is a'coming. Your minds are going to be blown! :)

I did Lizanne's makeup a while ago for a family photoshoot, here are some pics of that :

She wanted something very soft and natural, and I think she looked great. And, don't you just adore little Emily? I've had to keep my hands in check around her, otherwise I'd grab her and run off into the sunset! Lizanne, you have a beautiful family!

Now, on to the rest of the post. Ever heard of Traci Hines? No? Let me introduce you to her. She loves dressing up as various characters. It's called cosplaying and I simply know the term 'coz I love me some anime, and for some reason, people love dressing up as anime characters. Here's some of Traci's work :

I mean honestly? The first time I saw some of her work, I couldn't even notice it was the same girl in all the pictures. These are amazing, and the attention to detail is incredible. And she sings too. She kind of sounds like Ariel, in addition to looking like her. I mean, how many talents can one girl have!?

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Stay beautiful folks!


  1. I am so very envious of her costumes. Where did she find such great quality??

    1. I have no idea... But it's really awesome!