Wednesday, 25 April 2012

False lashes!

Hello beauties!

We all love long and sexy lashes, don't we? Lashes accentuate the eyes, which is usually the feature we want to stand out. All women have beautiful eyes (all men too), no matter the shape or size, there's something beautiful in eyes. While we can have a crooked nose and teeth, if we draw attention to our eyes, most likely people won't notice the other little imperfections we have.

Having said this, I don't mean at all you have to wear false lashes to look beautiful. It's not for everyone, and it takes some getting used to!

Anyway, there are a few different types of lashes, and today we're going to look at these differences. First up, we have individual lashes.

Of all the types of lashes, these are the most natural looking. They are applied from the outside corner of the eye inwards, and a little glue is applied to the point where the hair comes together. They come in different lengths, short, medium and long, and for the most natural effect, you'd actually use some of the different lengths together, the longer ones at the outside corner, and the shorter ones in the inner corner.

It's also a good idea to place on on the one eye, and the next one on about the same place on the other eye. This will allow you to get them around the same, and is a good way to learn if you've never done it before.

The lash should be placed touching your skin, but laying on top of your own lashes. It should also be as close as possible to the lash line, so it blends in better.

The pros of individuals are many : it's more natural looking, it doesn't feel as heavy on your eyelid and it's pretty easy to apply. But there is a con to it : if they aren't attached well enough and they start falling out, you'll look like a malting bird. So it's a good idea to carry along some replacement lashes and glue!

The most popular lashes are strip lashes. This doesn't mean they take off their clothes, that would be scandalous! They simply come on a strip that follows the curve of your eye. This strip can be either black or brown, depending on the colour of the lashes, or it can be clear.

It's obvious then that the clear strip will look more natural on your eye, since there is no hard plastic visible.

You should look for comfortable lashes. The harder and more unbendable the strip, the less comfortable it will be on your eye. Also, the more embellished the lashes get, the heavier they will be on your eyes, so if you're going for very dramatic feather lashes, they will feel very dramatic on your eyes as well.

You'll find the biggest variety of lashes here, from natural looking lashes, to ones that create cat eyes, to ones with pearls and feathers and glitter. There are some pretty wild lashes available out there!

Next up, we have demi lashes. These are also called half or three quarter lashes, and are applied to the outer corners of your eyes. At this point I just have to mention, 'demi' means 'half' in French. I don't know why some of the brands out there have full strip lashes and call them demi lashes. If you know, let me know! :)

They are also pretty natural looking, and simply create a more cat eye effect than full lashes, since they usually flare out at the ends.

If you can't find demi lashes, you can always cut up your regular old strip lashes. You can also cut up your strip lashes, or use individuals even, to replace the next type of lash, the bottom lash.

You can buy top and bottom lashes together like this, or you can get your bottom lashes on their own. Bottom lashes are usually alike to individuals, with the exception that they are small flat sections of hair, where individuals are more likely bunched up a bit.

They are applied the same way as individuals to the bottom lash line. These are very popular especially in Oriental countries, where the girls use them to drastically alter the shape of their eyes and make their eyes look bigger.

These also help in creating fantasy looks, and doll eyes as well, and can add a little something different too.

Now, if you ever decide to use strip lashes, demi's or individuals on the bottom lash line, just remember to flip them over, so the curve of the lashes runs downward. If you put them on wrong way round, it's going to look weird, except if that was what you were going for!

How to apply your lashes? Well, there are so many videos and tutorials out there, that I'm simply going to refer you there. Kandee Johnson's tutorials : strip lashes and individual lashes. Lisa Eldridge's tutorials : strip lashes and individual lashes. If you can't watch video's, here is a wiki how tutorial.

You'll find that most people don't use the glue that comes with the lashes, but rather uses their own brand of lash glue. This is because, frankly, the glue that you get with your lashes sucks, and really doesn't stick for long. You can buy lash glue at any drug store where they keep their lashes.

In my experience I've actually bought very expensive and very cheap lashes and used both on myself and clients. I've had cheap lashes that look more natural than expensive ones, and I've had expensive lashes with the most terrible strips in the world, that would not be concealed no matter what I did. Just as I've had cheap lashes that would not bend and expensive lashes that brought the wow factor. You need to find a brand you like and experiment!

Anyway, here are some wild and wonderful lashes for you to enjoy!

Tomorrow I'm going to write about the REACH legislation the EU passed, and I'm going to try and explain it as best I can. I really hope you all read it!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,

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