Monday, 16 April 2012

Monday Randomness

Hello beauties!

So, there were two great failures in my weekend. One, my favourite perfume is finished, and I didn't have a replacement bottle. Hypnotic Poison, I'll miss you.

Two, The Hunger Games. It verged on epic fail in my mind. After months of being excited about seeing it, and reading the reviews it got, after seeing all the records it broke and pre-booking tickets three weeks before the movie, after everything, it was left wanting. Of the eight of us that went to see it, five had read the book. And, without saying anything to influence each other, the five that had read it were all disappointed. Of the other three only one liked the film, and the other two had mixed emotions about it. I won't write a review, because I don't even feel it deserves that much on my blog.

Anyway, at least I got to spend my Friday night with the love of my life, my best friend (who by the way, seriously needs to blog!!), Franco and my cousins, Larissa,, Tanja and Anschke, and my almost cousin Eugene, who is getting married to Larissa next year sometime. You guys rock! Where the movie sucked, you were awesome company!

Saturday and Sunday were spent swapping two rooms in our house. We threw out the bed in our second bedroom, 'coz honestly, in the year we've lived here, that bed was slept in only once. It was a waste of space in my opinion. Meanwhile, our study, where we spend most of our time, was the smallest and coldest room on the property. So we took out the bed, washed the carpets, swapped the closet contents and moved our massive (no really) desks and computers to the sunny second bedroom. It feels great typing to you from my new location!

Some random stuff for you :

I blogged about making your own nails art stickers before, but there are new, easier ways to do this now. The first pic is from The Beauty Department and the second is from JuleP.

Cool huh? It's getting so easy to do nail art these days, everybody can do it. And we all have these crafty punches laying around at home, who ever thought you could use them to glam up your nails!

Isn't this just amazing? The deep plum colour astounds me, and the entire make-up look is awesome. I would love to try this when I get that colour eyeshadow. I love it!

This puppet make-up look is from some or another international make-up show. It is friggen incredible! The detail and shading of the wood is really awesome and I just love it. Make-up is really a powerful thing. It can make you look old and haggard, like a wooden doll, or like a princess!

And last, but not least, this fluffy nail art trend is getting quite interesting too. After caviare nails, which I'm not sure I'll ever try myself, fuzzy nail art has been popping up on the internet. I think it looks cute, but this is another of those things I'll probably never try myself.

Stay beautiful, and have a wonderful week!