Tuesday, 10 April 2012

No Shampoo...

Hello beauties!

So for a while now, I've been seeing a little trend jumping up all over the web. People have stopped using shampoo. It actually has a name, the 'no-poo' movement! Seeing that this movement has grown so much, celebs like Jessica Simpson, Prince Harry and RPatz (who always looks grubby in public...) are no-poo'ers, I've been doing a little research on WHY.

Shampoo is a detergent. I mean, think about it. Detergents clean stuff, and usually contain harsh chemicals. Would you pour Handy Andy on your head? I thought not. So why do we use shampoos that contain the same harsh chemicals? What shampoo basically does is clear our heads of the natural oils our scalps produce to fight infections and weather. The oils are what makes our scalps look greasy and our hair stringy, which is never a good look! It's also what causes our hair to smell badly, and that is why we wash out hair.

But these no-poo'ers are claiming their hair doesn't smell bad at all, and letting go of shampoo has made their hair shinier, healthier and thicker than ever, and some even claim their stick straight hair has developed some waves and texture after about five weeks.

What puts me off completely is the fact that most of them only rinses their hair in the shower, and applies a baking soda compound only once a week at the most, which means your hair is only wet and not necessarily clean. I mean, do you get in the shower and only rinse your body to clean it? Hell no! Your armpits would still smell, and the dead skin cells aren't removed by just rinsing.

There are those in this movement who massages their heads with the baking soda mixture with every 'wash' and also applies stuff like apple cider vinegar (which is like a clearing shampoo) and olive oil (which is a home remedy for EVERYTHING and actually works) to their heads regularly, and that I can live with. Some even do the baking soda thing and follow it with conditioner, which is even better.

My question is this : would you be able to go without washing your hair and having an itchy scalp for four weeks? Because that is how long it takes to get your hair looking like something again?

If you want to read first hand the no-poo'ers experiences, click these links :


Why not go the alternative route? One of the beauty guru's I love is Andrea from Andrea's choice, who only uses hair products that are all natural and chemical free. And I mean, this woman has awesome hair...

She has a whole video explaining which products she uses and what kind of masks and hair treatments form a part of her whole beauty schedule.

You really should have a look at it before you decide to stop washing your hair!!

What do you think about not shampooing your hair? I wash my hair every other day, and I'll go without for a third day sometimes, since my hair isn't very oily and it doesn't look dirty so quickly or smell. Everybody always says their hair looks better the day after washing, but not washing at all? I'm sceptical.

Share your experiences and ideas with me! Would you go shampooless?

Stay beautiful,


  1. All I'm saying is, even my dog doesn't go a week without being shampooed. So I'll see how it goes with him before I try it..

  2. Haha! I'm exactly the same with Cupcake, she gets her bath every Sunday... I'm not a big fan of hair au naturelle either! :) Thanx for the comment!

  3. Well, as someone who has natural hair and does the no poo once in a while ... Its great for curly hair . Which is prone to frizz and dryness. Your hair does get clean with conditioners there are many kinds to use to clean hair and then to moisturized the hair. If you have very dry, fly away or frizzy hair , I say try it .. you can always wash it if you don't like the results !
    I don't know what dogs have to do with this , dogs are on the floor,in the streets , mud and dirt ... they have hair, but they would get much dirtier than the head on your head would.

    1. lol I meant hair on your head .. of course lol

    2. Haha! Thank you for your comment, it made me smile! It's always great to hear the other side of a story. :) I have pretty curly hair myself, so maybe I'll take your advice and try this!

      On the dog subject, if you've met my dog, you'd shampoo her too! Man, oh, man does she love to roll in everything she can find. And her favourite pastime on earth is to sit on our heads in the morning to wake us up... So when she'd dirty, so am I, usually! :D

      Thank you for reading! :D