Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Ponytails!! And how to make them interesting...

Hello beauties!

Ponytails are a integral part of out lives. In South African schools, we had to wear our hair pulled back every day. Even now that my hair is in a bob, I can't live without my ponytail if I'm feeling lazy to style my hair. But ponytails can get boring. Very, very boring. Today, we're going to check out different ways of dressing up a ponytail, so it'll stay awesome all the time. (:

 1) Make it messy. Add some texture to your hair, by teasing, fluffing and ironing it. You need to tease it up at the back, and make a wild ponytail.

2) Go retro. Old fashioned curls and pinned back bangs happen to be very much in fashion!

 3) Give it some texture. Curly, wavy or beachy hair look awesome in a ponytail. It'll make your mane look bigger, better and more desirable.

4) Add some volume to the front. This is always a winner, and looks good on anybody.

5) Cover the hair tie. You can simply wrap some hair around it, or braid or even twist the piece you want to wrap around the hair tie.

6) Add a braid or a twisted strand of hair. Braids are all the rage right now, so why not follow this trend. With this there are countless methods and ideas you can try!

7) Slick it back. This is a sophisticated twist to a ponytail.

8) Speaking of twists, why not twist your ponytail into itself for this cool look?

9) The waterfall ponytail. You simply leave some hair on the top of your head to hang free over the actual ponytail.

10) Well groomed bangs add a bit of variety to any ponytail.

11) Pull out some strands of hair to frame your face. This is especially a good idea if you have an angular face, since it'll soften up the angles. Don't know what shape your face is? I'll tell ya in these posts!

12) Pull it to the side. It's romantic and fresh!

13) Bubble it up! Bubble ponytails are another big trend, and you can use translucent hair ties, or brightly coloured ones. To texturise the bubbles, pull on the hair to make it seem bigger.

I hope you like this post. Please add your ideas and styles by commenting below.

Stay beautiful,


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