Thursday, 12 April 2012

Some incredible makeup transformations

Hello beauties!

Have you ever heard of Promise Phan? She's Michelle's sister in law, and is a makeup artist in her own right. I really love Promise, and her makeup skills are incredible. This is her :

She's beautiful right? And her makeup is flawless too. But here is the thing I love about Promise, this is her too :

As Michael Jackson

As Marilyn Monroe

As Katie Perry

As Ariel

As Jessica Rabbit

As Megan Fox

As Drake

As Captain Jack Sparrow

As the Biebs

As Mystique from X-Men

Another as Johnny Depp

Katie Perry's extraterrestrial makeup

As the Duchess of Cambridge

As Taylor Swift

As Angelina Jolie

As Scarlett Johanson

As Adriana Lima

Isn't this woman INCREDIBLE? And the best is, she has videos of each transformation, showing you step by step how she does it. They say Asians are better at everything! :)

Anyway, her latest transformation was into none other than Mona Lisa. And it's just as incredible as all the others. Here is the video :

Stay beautiful,


  1. Die chick het skills dit is verseker! Great post dankie dat jy gedeel het :)

    1. Amazing ne? Kan nie dink dat iemand van 'n heeltamaal ander ras haarself so kan transform dat sy kan lyk soos enigiemand nie. Dankie vir jou comment! (: