Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The castor oil hair growth treatment.

Hello beauties!

A while back, a hairstylist told me my hair was in an incredibly bad state, and it was thinning. I nearly had a heart attack! Turns out she was just trying to sell their new (extremely expensive) product to me, as the next stylist actually told me my hair was pretty strong, and not in such a bad state at all. Except maybe that I dye it too often!

But the first stylist had me in a frenzy! Suddenly I started taking more hair supplements, and I started trying every hair growth trick in the book. I actually stumbled upon (yes, with Stumble Upon) this article, which claims castor oil will make your hair grow quicker. So I got my grubby little hands on a bottle (which I paid roughly R12.00 for) and I started sleeping with the stuff in my hair about twice a week.

So basically, what you do is this : you can either mix it into your shampoo, and wash like normal (just remember to shake well, it is an oil after all!) or, for more drastic results, massage some oil onto your scalp and sleep with it in your hair. I've been doing the second method. I wash my hair every second day, so I put the oil in my hair the evening before, and I put a towel over my pillows to protect them.

Putting it into your hair is pretty simple, but the following morning, your hair will feel kind of stick-like, since the oils is absorbed by your hair and scalp during the night. It has no real smell, and is colourless, so it doesn't leave behind any weirdness.

Now, I'd told a few people I'd be trying this hair growth method out, and a lot of people came back to me, swearing that it works. One of my reader's mom used to put the oil on her hair as a baby, and she says she had great hair back them. I've also learned that this is a normal thing in the Indian community, making their hair strong, thick and shiny. And I mean, Indian hair is always fantastic!

But what was my experience, you ask. Well, you could definitely see a difference in my hair after the first application, and after a month of doing this every week, I have a bunch of new growth everywhere on my head. My hair is shiny and feels thicker, and people who DON'T know me, have stopped me in malls telling me how shiny and healthy my hair looks. No other treatment to my hair has ever caused people to stop me, and trust me, I do many.

I'm really impressed by the castor oil hair treatment, and I'll continue doing it for a long time, since it's like a deep moisture mask that helps your hair grow too.

But using the oil on my hair made me wonder, what other uses does it have? I remember being fed it by my grandma when I was little and hating it, but it must have been good for something right? Turns out, it is. Castor oil can treat anything you can think of, from acne to haemorrhoids and everything in between. It's a well known folk remedy, even though doctors don't acknowledge it.

The castor plant is actually toxic, but when the oils are extracted, they lose their poison (and become totally safe to use), and can be used to cure things. But some medical professionals simply disregard it as a toxic plant and ignore it.

What you can cure with castor oil :
* Hair loss
* Acne
* Scars
* Can expel Ring and Tapeworms. (Yuk!!)
* It's a laxative
* Cures insomnia
* Relieves arthritis and muscle aches.
* Stomach aches and colic in babies
* Skin infections and athlete's foot.
* Can prevent and smooth out fine wrinkles
* Regrowth of eyebrows and thicker, longer lashes
* Bladder / urinary infections and haemorrhoids
* And many more!

You can check out these pretty extensive posts, which will explain how castor oil helps and how it should be used to cure the different things here :

You really should go check out those pages, specially the first two, as they have the actual cures in them, but the others are good reads too. One of them has a medical doctor detailing the antibacterial value of castor oil.

If you've tried castor oil for whatever reason, let me know, and share your experience with us! I should probably just mention you can find castor oil at Dischem and any pharmacy, or at big chain stores. I got mine at Pick 'n Pay!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


  1. Nice post here. This is really god treatment for natural hair regrow.

  2. You can also get organic castor oil at

    I would love to have you try it Yolandie and give us feedback.

    1. Hi Yvecar! I actually did use this treatment and I commented on it in this post. After using it for a while I could see a massive difference. My hair was shinier, stronger and longer and definately thicker too. The longer you use this, the better the results. My cousin also started doing this and her hair improved as well. So it works!

      Thank you for your comment!!

  3. Visit
    I wish I had curly hair like Sachin or smooth and straight like SRK.

  4. wow thank u alot i am actualy gonna start using it on my hair as in today.

  5. YES, Kesh King Ayurvedic Hair Oil is purely based on safe & harmless ayurvedic theory and Specifically used for controlling hair fall & also used for deep nourishment of hair roots & scalp, Alopecia, Baldness, stops premature of hair, prevents from dandruff, sleeplessness & headache.

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  7. What brand of Castor Oil do you use?

    1. Hercules castor oil, which is a South African product, so you may not get it in the rest of the world. But any brand should do!! :)

  8. Do you wash it out in the morning?

    1. Yes! You have to wash it out with warm water, and you may need to repeat the wash as well to get the oiliness out.

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