Friday, 25 May 2012


Hello beauties!

I bought the Creaclip on special a few weeks ago. Now, I've blogged about this clip before, stating that I'd actually try it out. Being on the cruelty free route I am, I decided I'd avoid hair salons as much as possible, since I know the products they use endorse animal testing (which is why I now colour my hair with henna!). But on the other hand, my hair needs cutting, just as everyone else's does. So I bought the Cearclip when it came on special one day and it worked out less than what I pay to cut and blow dry my hair at a salon! So even if I use it only once, the money I paid wasn't wasted.

I got my package in the mail about a month after it was sent. It would have arrived sooner, but the SA Post Office was striking again. I'll not get into my annoyance with service in South Africa here, but know I am annoyed! The package came in a bubble envelope and I got the two clips and an instructional DVD inside.

Yesterday I phoned up my mom and told her we were cutting our hair in the afternoon. She sounded a little scared, but gave in anyway. So we sat down in front of her TV, watched a few of the clips on the DVD and set up our cutting station in the kitchen.

I went first, since my mom has actually cut hair before, and had more confidence than I did! I sat down, got a towel over my shoulders and sat for a total of ten minutes before it was done. We decided to cut off more, so the second time went a lot quicker.

So simple! Here's the video we used to cut my style :

Next, It was my mom's turn. We sat her down and I panicked a bit! We first layered her hair in the front, but decided to throw her whole head over and layer it all. I don't have pictures of this, since Jan disappeared with my brother to play computer games.

We did the basic layer technique on my mom, here's the video :

So, before and afters :

Ain't my mommy a beaut?!

Cool huh? It went so quick and it really was easy! Next time we'll have more confidence to go more drastic. :) Anyway, I'm really very impressed. There are a bundle of styles you can try on the Creaclip YouTube, and you can cut your own hair in your own home exactly how you want it! And it's really inexpensive too.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


  1. this is really excellent, didn't know it's that simple.
    Thank you for the awesome blog post

    1. Thanx friend! And the best is, we had fun doing it! :)