Monday, 28 May 2012

Favourites on Friday : Monday Edition!

Hello beauties!

I totally forgot about the favourites on Friday post! I was so excited about my Creaclip, it slipped my mind... Sorry. But before I go on to the favourites, I have some things to say. First of all, happy birthday again to my gorgeous cousin Anschke! Sweet sixteen! It was yesterday, but I thought I'd make it last a little longer! Love ya cuz!

Secondly, I can't believe it, but our local Dischem is burning down! It's terrible! The Hub and Wimpy next to it are going down too, and some reports say the Pick 'n Pay has started to burn too. This is really terrible! We shopped there just yesterday! I hope they can get the fire out soon.

Anyway, favourites. I have some new pinboards on my Pinterest, and I tried to choose only 2 pins from each board so this post isn't too long! But in the All things Beauty folder, I have 6 pins for you, 2 makeup related, 2 for hair and 2 for nails. Here they are :

I love this image!! And the blue eye makeup works perfectly here. Megan Callen by Chris Nicholls.

More blue makeup!  From Beautylish.

Duchess Catherine looking absolutely amazing, but her hair was incredible here. Shows you, even royals keep with the trends, like braids! :)

This hair-do is amazing! Great for a bride!

Lovely lacy nails! From Nevorpurify.

Loving these studded nails! From The Nailasaurus.

Next, from the Art folder, I have these gems for you :

A painting by Leonid Afremov. Just... wow!

'The Seamstress' by jenzee. Love the colouring and textures!

Keeping with art, these are from my Anime folder. Sadly, I can't find the artists!

From my Dr. Who folder, I only have one. It's so cute! Dr Who meets Peanuts. (Sorry, I know I'm a geek, just don't tell my hubby!!)

River and the Doctor

From Crafts, I have these :

So cute right! When I have kids, I'm doing this!!  From Two little Banshees.

So cool! From somewhere in craftland...

I now have a photography folder too! These images are incredible in my opinion!

This little girl is amazingly beautiful! Look at those eyes! Image from flickr.

Run with the wild horses... Image from 500.
From parties and events I have these for you. Larissa, I hope you're seeing this!!


How cool is that! Image from Greggo Photography.
From my something to eat folder :

Such a funky cake! From Pink cake box.

Because everything is better with rainbows!
From my For the home pin board :

So cute! From Tip Junkie.

I LOVE this! So pretty! From Creme Anglaise.
From my steampunk pin board :

Steampunk cake! From cool-o-rama.

Lovely eye. 
From random cool stuff :


This is adorable! From Wing it Vegan.
From my Places board I have these :

Oia, Santorini.

Grotta della Poesia, Roca Vecchia, Italy.
From Accessories :

WOW! My handbag radar is off the scale! From Haute Look.

I love this so much! Have no idea who made it though...
And last, but not least, from cute :

Hello little guy!

Reminds me of Sheldon's soft kitty! :) From this Russian blog.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this. I tried to get links to the originals as far as possible, but these things get lost sometimes!

Please let me know if you want to see more reviews on products? I have a bundle of cruelty free products that I've been wanting to review, but I'm not sure if you like reviews? Please let me know! I've found some cool brands in the last while!

Stay beautiful, and be kind to animals!

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