Friday, 11 May 2012

Favourites on Friday

Hello beauties!

My random favourites posts are so popular with you guys, that I'm going to try doing this once a week for a while and see how it goes! I have a lot of random faves, so it can keep us busy for a while! :) Anyway, before I start with that, Nataniel was really cool last night. He was hilarious, and we almost cried from all the laughing. You really should see his show if you can! He also has a range of skincare things now, called Kaalkop, which is really really amazing. I got the sugar body scrub last night for R45.00, which is nothing, and it smells so divine, you want to eat it! I'll do a review on a bunch of stuff somewhere along the line, and I'll include the sugar scrub.

Right, on to favourites.
AWESOME blue and gold makeup

Cool blue and teal nails

Similar to yesterday's bow hair huh?

Rainbows love

Funky blue and silver makeup with glitters!

More teal nails, with gold this time

Incredible green and gold makeup

I just love this! It's a frame made from spoons!!

Awesome gold cuff

Elf shoes!! :)

Beautiful photo of a dandelion with dew drops. Awesome!

This is awesome too! It's cut out paper on canvas, right enough, but it has lights behind it! 
Dr. Who fan art. I think it's great!

Not so mad about anything in this picture but the purple bedding. I LOVE that!

For one day when I have a son. :)

 Too Cute!
Jan loves Peanuts, and Woodstock. It's because of him that I find this cute!

Awesome steampunk outfit!


Steampunk cupcakes! Love it!

Now, you can find links to all the original posts on my Pinterest. So if you are interested in finding out where something comes from, or how to make it, you can go check it out. Also, share your pins with me! I'm pretty much addicted to Pinterest, and I spend a lot of time on there! :)

Stay beautiful, be kind to animals and have an amazing weekend!

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