Monday, 14 May 2012

How to make your own makeup remover wipes!

Hello beauties!

Hope your weekend was fantastic. I find weekends are getting shorter and shorter for some reason... :) Anyway, I'd like to congratulate Juanita and Clayton on their wedding Saturday. May you have a long and blessed life together! Also, happy belated Mothers day to all you mommies out there! And congratulations once again to my cousin Larissa and Eugene on their engagement!

OK, now that that's been said, how do you make your own makeup remover wipes? I really love DIY stuff and since my animal cruelty free campaign has started, I've had to think of ways to improvise if it should happen that I can't find replacements for the brands I've been using forever. And being a beauty blogger, I'm always looking for new things to blog about!

What makes this awesome is that it is so easy. What you need is :

* A roll of paper towels. Toilet paper won't work because it's too flimsy.
* A sharp knife.
* An air tight container.
* Water.
* Coconut, olive, jojoba, vitamin E, or whatever oil you like. Tea tree oil is a good one to consider, since it'll prevent the mixture to 'go off'.
* OPTIONAL any essential oil of your choice for scent.

What you need to do :

1) Take your paper towel roll and cut it in half.
The sharper the knife, the easier this will be.
2) Next, put half a roll in  your container. It doesn't matter if the paper towels are taller than the container, when they're wet, you can squish them in to fit.

3) Pour 4 cups of warm water onto the towels. If you use regular water you're going to need tea tree oil to prevent mould from growing. If you use distilled water you won't have this problem. Some people also add a little apple cider vinegar, and this apparently solves the mould problem too.

When the towels are wet, remove the cardboard centre. Simply press the sides together and wiggle it until it's come loose.

4) Add about 2 tablespoons of the oil(s) of your choice. Vitamin E oil is moisturising to your skin while coconut and olive oil is pretty much a cure for anything. Also add 2 tablespoons of tea tree oil if you didn't use distilled water. Tea tree oil is great for basically anything as well, including breakouts and pimple control, so it's an added benefit.

Now you can also add your essential oil to make the concoction smell good if you want to.

This will keep for around a month outside and more if you keep it in the fridge. The coolness of the wipes kept in the fridge has another added benefit in that it closes pores.

What makes this great is the cost of it, if you buy all the ingredients once off, it'll cost you a little more, but once you have them all, it's a lot less expensive than buying actual wipes from the store. I have basically all the ingredients in my home already, since they all have such incredible cosmetic value. And you can adapt this recipe slightly to make baby wipes and cleaning wipes for your home! Here are some links for that :

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,

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