Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Mothers Day Crafts!

Hello beauties!

I only post this because neither of my mothers actually read my blog. So if you know either of them, please don;t tell them about this, since it's a mothers day gift! But I wanted to show you how I did this, since I think it came out pretty cool!

I made the pinkish one for my mom and the blue one for my mom in law. I'll show you step by step how I did it!

What you'll need :

* A canvas, board or something to paint on. My father in law and I made these boards yesterday. We usually cover them in canvas, but I felt it wasn't really needed for what I intended to do. I worked on a 30x30 cm size one.
* Paint, 2 or 3 shades, and a paintbrush.
* 3 colours ribbon. You could also use one thich ribbon, or whatever you want here.
* Double sided tape.
* A scissors.
* Some marker pens. I used black and silver.
* A cut up paper doily.
* Some rhinestones, and some glue if they aren't self adhesive.
* A big enough space to work.
* About an hour time.

How to do it :

1) Roughly dry brush your board. I did about 3 layers before I was happy with the colour and coverage. I started with the blue, then added white, then purple, and I kept on mixing until I got the result I wanted. For the pinkish one I just used white and purple paint. I focussed on up and down and side to side motions.

Dry brushing is the technique where you dab off the excess paint on something and your brush holds only a little bit of paint. It gives that aged and distressed kind of feel to your project.

2) Place the cut doily where you want it. The pattern depends on you, but I decided on the corners. Then I dry brushed a mixture of my colours, heavily mixed with the white paint in a radial burst motion.

I also took pure white paint and made single stripes here and there, so the burst would look like it was 'shining'.
3) Next, I took the ribbon, and stuck it all the way around the edge of the board, first the black and purple, then the blue on top and in the middle. On the fourth side, I tied the ribbon together in a bow, which will hang to the side of the board.

Again, you can change this up if you want! I thought a ribbon around the edge would be different and girly, since it is for my moms!
4) I drew out a lettering template on paper before I started scribbling on the board, in case I made a mistake. Then used carbon paper to transfer the letters to the board.

I found the phrase on Pinterest, but didn't save it, so I can't remember the exact wording, but it went something like this :

'I believe in love at first sight, because I have loved my mother since I opened my eyes.'

I couldn't remember it at the time, so I wrote 'I believe in love at first sight because I have loved my mom since I first saw her.' I chose mom instead of mother because of space issues!

5) Next I went over the letters with my marker pens and added some embellishments in the silver. The picture didn't come out so great, but you can read it easily enough.
 6) Next I stuck down my rhinestones. Mine are self adhesive, and came in long strips, so I really didn't stick them down one by one! You could stick them in any way you choose, I hadn't planned on sticking them down in long rows because I didn't know my stones came in strips! :) But it came out cool anyway.

I then cut a few loose and stuck them here and there on the canvas, around the words 'loved' and 'mom', just to add that little something extra.
 And that's that! I think it came out pretty cool for something I thought out on the spot.

You can obviously print out your lettering and choose different fonts you like. I was too lazy to do this. And to think, while studying my graphic design stuff I complained to no end about the typography part of the course...

 I hope you enjoyed this post! I like mixing it up sometimes, but if you don't like craft stuff on a beauty blog, please let me know. I love hearing from you and I always try to keep everyone happy on my blog. So let me know what you want, and I'll try my best to oblige!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals. Oh, and don't tell my mommies about this!! :P


  1. Oh how pretty! Mommies will love this! This has inspired me (once again) to go scrap! Love the post my friend!