Thursday, 17 May 2012

Princess hair for little girls

Hello beauties!

The last while, the internet has been flooded with princess hairstyles. It's really everywhere, from Pinterest to Stumble Upon To YouTube. And the styles are pretty intricate, but look cool when it's done. The beauty of these styles is that most of them come from Cute Girls Hairstyles, Girly Do Hairstyles or Princess Hairstyles, both sites where you can find step by step written and video tutorials.

Now, I know a lot of my readers are mothers, and a lot of you have little girls. My question is this : would you take the time to do your daughter's hair like this in the mornings? I work from home, so when I have kids one day, I'll probably have the time to do it, though I love my sleep like I love oxygen. But you working mom's out there? And another question, do little girls actually WANT to have their hair done like this? Please let me know!

I think a lot of these could look cute at weddings and events. Some are quick and easy for everyday, but I can't say I like all of them. Let me know what you think!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals!


  1. These styles are too cute for words! Little Nikita doesn't have enough hair for me to try any of these yet, but I'm sure it would look so nice...provided she will sit still long enough for me to actually do it! Well done on a cute post my friend...big day tomorrow!

    1. Thanx Odette! Friend, I can't believe we're only 3 years away from 30... Jong, it's scary! Love ya buddy! And hugs to Nikita!