Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Cosmetics confiscated by the police...

Hello beauties!

Last week, a large amount of cosmetics were confiscated near the East Coast of South Africa, containing products banned by the Foodstuffs, Cosmetics and Disinfectants Act. These products contain hydroquinone and its monobenzyl, monoethyl and monomethyl ethers (wow, that was a mouthful...), which are pretty dangerous on the skin.

Bad cosmetics... :)
These ingredients are used to lighten the skin, but it can burn the skin and cause irreparable damage. The side effects include redness, crusting, flaking and itching, and in some of the more severe cases even chest pains and difficulty breathing as well as swelling of the skin.

The ban on hydroquinone has been in place for many years because of the risks involved in using it. Police state that the confiscated products were imported into the country illegally, and hail from countries such as India, the DRC, the Ivory Coast and England. All the products were skin lightening creams, from different companies and from the different countries.

Please don't use a products if you see the banned ingredients! It's potentially very dangerous and can cause permanent damage to your skin. Read more here and here.

These days we have to be careful what we put on and in our bodies. Did you know that cosmetics companies put ingredients that can age you in anti ageing creams? Did you know that it can be harmful to your unborn baby if you use cosmetics using peroxide while you're pregnant? Please, Google these things before you just buy any old cosmetics! If you'd like me to do a post on the ingredients in cosmetics and how or why they can be harmful, please let me know.

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